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Retro 1950s Vow Renewal

Retro 1950s Vow Renewal

We might focus on wedding days here at Ruffled, but we also know that anniversaries and vow renewals are no small potatoes. Lauren and John have been married for seven years, and celebrated recently by renewing their wedding vows among friends, family, and Jessica May Photography at their home. To fit with their retro theme, the couple asked their guests to dress in 1950s-style clothing!

retro vow renewals

From the bride, Lauren: When we began to plan our vow renewal party, my husband and I knew we wanted a strong sense of the 1950s to evident in both the atmosphere and appearance of the event. I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for ferns and the forested botanical beauty of our environment in the Pacific Northwest, and so coupled with the vintage vibe, the feel of the whole event was very natural for us since both my husband’s and my design aesthetic often leans toward mid century style. We wanted to have a celebration that was reminiscent of dinner and cocktail parties of the past. On our invitations we asked that our friends come in 1950s cocktail attire to make the feeling of the party even more pervasive, and people enjoyed having an excuse to get dressed up in their finest!

Vow Renewal

bride getting ready

Vow Renewal

bride getting ready

We wanted to purposefully enjoy our friends and family and take time to focus on how our faith in God has made it possible for us to have stayed married through seven years filled with three children, two old homes, and challenges that required us to love and forgive each other sacrificially like Jesus has done for us. We also wanted to make it a lovely night out for our friends and family, and since many of our friends have small children, we provided childcare for everyone; friends simply dropped their kids off at our house and made their way to the party in our garage.

fern wedding bouquets

Vow Renewal

retro bride and groom

We had a very romantic, nostalgic, botanical, and even homey, 1950s theme to the party thanks in large part to my grandmother, who gave us her large collection of linens, her beautiful old record player, and so many other pieces to decorate our space, which was our garage next to our home in Tacoma. Our color scheme was in peaches and golds, with orange, white, and green mixed in. Much of the decor came from things we already had, like vintage china passed down from our families, a 1920s piano that we recently found via Craigslist, and a variety of makeshift tables that we threw together and covered with layered vintage linens.

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midcentury wedding ideas

Any advice for couples planning their weddings now? The art of the party is in danger of being lost on this generation of married couples; and I truly think wedding is a big party in celebration of two people’s love for each other. Aside from deep family traditions or cultural elements, it isn’t something that you are required to do in a certain way. You don’t need to spend a giant amount of money on a wedding or become so wrapped up in the planning and preparation that you become so stressed out that you nearly forget WHY you are having the party. You are beginning a new chapter of life together with the one you love!

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If when planning a wedding or party you look first at what you already have to work with, secondly to things you can make and borrow, and then to things you must purchase, you will nearly every time find a less costly option than looking first to things you want to buy. Don’t feel like you need to go so wildly big with this celebration that you never want to host another party again. Lastly, being considerate of other people’s expenses in being a part of the wedding party is something not to overlook.


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Location: Tacoma, WA / Photographer: Jessica Ho of Jessica May Photography / Wedding Venue: Private Residence / Flowers: Paisley Petals / Wedding Dress: Vintage via Aquamarine Dream, hand-dyed by bride / Wedding Shoes: Payless, glitter DIY by bride / Gloves: Vintage / Necklace: Bride’s grandmother / Earrings: The Big Green Giraffe / Hair: Victoria Scharpf of Salon Mogano / Makeup: Nicol Wulkowicz / Groom’s Attire: H&M Jacket, vintage wool tie, Gap trousers / Caterer: Bride / Wedding Cake: Dianne’s Delights and bride’s friends / Music: Michael Rabb and Kraig Oman / Wedding Invitations: Bride and groom

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