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Red Charm Peony Arrangements

Red Charm Peony Arrangements

Peonies are truly a perennial wedding favorite. They’re fluffy, colorful, and can be utilized in so many different ways to liven up a bouquet. The always-incredible Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers has more than a few ideas of how to work the Red Charm variety into your floral arrangements that are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Without further ado, here’s Sarah:

red charm peonies

From Sarah: Everyone loves peonies. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love them, and I dread the day I may meet such a person. Peonies are lush and charming, seeing or smelling one seems to evoke images of country cottages with pathways lined with them.

red charm peony bouquets floral arrangements honey of a thousand flowersred charm peony bouquets floral arrangements honey of a thousand flowers

red charm peony wedding bouquets honey of a thousand flowers

Peonies begin blooming in the late spring and continue into early summer. They are available again as cut flowers beginning in late fall and into winter. This variety is called Red Charm. Red Charm peonies are the most gorgeous velvety rich shade of red. I love them used with darker colors when they are available in the fall, and used as deeper accent to colorful palette in the spring. Most peonies are very delicate and are fairly fickle as cut flowers if they are out of water in bouquets, but the red charm is another story. It has a strong stem, and the blooms are hearty. Their large blooms are surprisingly heavy, too. They can last a couple of days out of water if the weather isn’t too hot.

red charm peony bouquets floral arrangements honey of a thousand flowers

This arrangement shows the richness that the peony can bring to a dark color palette, perfect for a fall or winter wedding. Other flowers used in this bouquet were dahlia, ornamental peppers, smoke bush, rosemary, and fall leaves berries.

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