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Stream Your Wedding Photos Live with This Handy App

Stream Your Wedding Photos Live with This Handy App

What to say when you’re brainstorming an easy way to showcase your guest’s iPhone pics from your wedding while the party is still going? Hashtag Party builds upon the idea of a traditional wedding hashtag by providing an outlet for you to watch a slideshow of images from the party LIVE. It’s an interactive and creative way to keep your guests in it to win it, and all you need is a clever hashtag and monitor.

Bright colorful wedding with entire bridal party
Photo by A.J. Dunlap Photography

We love that you can use this long after the wedding too, adding images from special life events (not just from Instagram!) that can be shared in a 5 year anniversary party down the road. And if you’re worried about images popping up that you aren’t so fond of, you can delete to your heart’s content. In fact, the whole thing is customizable! You’ll also receive downloadable files for each of the images in your slideshow, so no more chasing people down for the pics they shared in the moment. We can’t wait to start using this app for more of our gatherings because the beauty is, the limit does not exist. Check it out here!

Al Fresco Photo Booth with vintage furniture
Photo by Yaroslav & Jenny Photography

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