Create Your Own Wedding Playlist with My Wedding Songs

If there’s one thing that determines your wedding mood from start to finish, it’s the sweet sound of music. And one of our latest discoveries in this arena is My Wedding Songs, a planning resource that provides guidance for sourcing, selecting and even purchasing the music for your various wedding playlists. With a task as significant as this, you’ll want all the help you can get.

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Approximately 120 songs will play from your wedding start to finish, so one of the key notes to consider (see what we did there?) is diversity. A healthy mix of slow and upbeat, oldies and chart toppers will keep your guests invested and the dance floor full! Not only does My Wedding Songs streamline this search with an option to filter music by topic, genre, artist and decade, it also offers pre-made playlists and suggestions for special wedding highlights that can often be difficult to choose – lookin’ at you Father/Daughter dance. What’s more, these playlists are frequently updated with current hits, so you will always have party songs that are as fresh as the Prince of Bel Air.

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Head on over to their site to explore the songs you might have forgotten, and perhaps test out some of these playlists at your next date night in!

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