J.R. Clubb is a photographer himself, so one can wonder how fun his own wedding would be. Both he and Cat are Ruffled readers so I’m thrilled to share their wedding photos. The woodsy backdrop set the tone for a relaxed setting with whimsical touches. Congrats Cat and J.R and thank you for sharing! Read more about their wedding day on his blog.

South Ontario wedding

South Ontario wedding

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Wedding Songs:

Processional Exit: “Home” & First Dance: “Million Years” by Jen Brace & Matt Giresi

Wedding Vendors and Venue (South Ontario, Canada):

Venue: private Family Property / Photography: all Film was shot by Ryan Farr. Film was developed & scanned by Richard Photo Lab. All Digital was shot & edited by J.R. Clubb / Guest Signing Polaroids by Brenna Reilly. Black Frame Polaroids supplied by Impossible Project / Cinema Video: Danny Alexander of Bare Feet Projects / Wedding Coordinator: Maryanne Grieve / Letterpress Invitation & Program: Verity Ink / Flowers: Forest Glen Herb Garden / Wedding Dress: Ivy and Aster / Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss / Attire Emblem Gifts: Love Medals / Make up: Karla Lopez / Live Music: Jeremy Clubb / The Chocolate Robots / Catering: Serene Cuisine / Cake: Cyndie Doyle of Cynful Cakes / Desserts: Jacyln Sanders

  • Another great outdoor wedding and I guess the couple was able to save a lot. Congratulations for a job well done.

  • SO pretty! How fun is that photo booth? Fresh, natural, organic…love it!

  • This is pure perfection!!!

  • Oh… how I love a relaxed, outdoor wedding. Beautiful!!

  • helen orchard

    congratulations J R! looks like you had an amazing day! gorgeous pictures! wishing you both a very happy life together! love helen xx

  • I love the rustic simplicity of this wedding. And the photographer captured it so well! You can almost feel the sunshine and smell the grass.

  • Beautiful, rustic, unprentious, and most of all…FUN! This looks like the wedding of two people that call themselves best-friends instead of lovers, and the pictures are perfection.

  • J.R. – your wedding was every bit as sweet and wonderful as your photos made it out to be – it felt like family and love and joy the entire evening – and I am so glad the photography and video conveyed this as well as it did. It was one of my most memorable days this summer – and I love that the world gets to enjoy your celebration. Well deserved, well done.

  • I love their photobooth area. SO bold and beautiful and the bride, so brave (wow, alot of B’s! lol) to wear those heels in the woods! So many of my girls chicken out, YOU GO BRIDEY! Wear your heels in the woods! I know I would! I just shot this mountain wedding this week and I talked the bride into putting her dress on in the forest. GO RUSTIC! YES!! :D

  • their ceremony backdrop is too cute!

  • Bea Vasey

    I am speechless…so beautiful…Congratulations to both of you,,,Bea Vasey and Dan Coulombe….

  • Bea Vasey

    Love the music…there was so much love present..you can see it in the video..

  • Wow. I love this one so immensely. Beautiful!

  • Wow this is amazing! I love the dress and the confetti cones!

  • This goes into my top ten…i love the earthy, woodsy nature…the mason jars with the wildflowers were wonderful wonderful! and the movie was so sweet…MORE MOVIES PLEASE! : )
    There was such a sense of adoration there, so artfully captured.

  • Cat

    That video is amazing. I love how the music is in sync with their procession! So much fun. So much love.

  • Straw bale pews! I had straw bale pews at my wedding! (10 years ago.) But I wasn’t smart enough to lay fabric over them for my guests. Ouch. :)

  • sophie

    Absolutely beautiful. The film almost brought me to tears! I would love to know where the brides headband is from? I can’t find any as nice as that :)

  • so so pretty.

  • Caterina

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Sophie, the headband is from my cousin at

  • Recorded Memories Photo Booth San Diego

    Great idea with the hanging fabric for a photo booth! We have done something similar once before for a client & they loved it…RM

  • Very lovely wedding.

  • Nicolise Harding

    OMW…bawling my eyes out…such a beautiful wedding…so thoughtful and well planned. LOVE IT!!