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Mismatched Vintage Chairs

Mismatched Vintage Chairs

It’s impossible to talk vintage trends without mentioning mismatched chairs. If you’re deciding between chivari or white foldable chairs, why not skip the cost and start collecting vintage chairs? One can even acquire old chairs for free if your wedding is still a few months away, you just have to be on the look out for chairs on the curb during furniture pick up day.

Let’s start with this real wedding I featured a few months ago, where the bride collected vintage chairs she bought from thrift stores (see more from this vintage handmade wedding).
Mismatched dining chair wedding reception
Mismatched vintage chairs for wedding reception tables
Mismatched vintage chairs for wedding reception tables
Mismatched vintage chairs for wedding reception tables
Mismatched vintage chairs for wedding reception tables
Mismatched vintage chairs for wedding reception tables
Vintage mismatched chairs for wedding ceremony
Mismatched vintage chairs for wedding reception tables

First row: vintage handmade wedding featured here; Second row: Painted Revelry tablescape featured here designed by Momental Designs; Third row: photo by Jill Thomas, designed by Amorology Weddings, Fourth row: old mismatched chairs via Bliss Event Group; Fifth and last rows: photo by Cathy Empey designed by Grey Likes Weddings, Sixth row: Country Living; Seventh row: left, mismatched ceremony chairs via Brigadeiro de Colher; right, photo by Mike Larson Photography designed by Event styling, coordination: Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations and Canvas & Canopy

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  • LOVE the mismatched chairs! We love this in our house and i know it would be SO great for a wedding! Adds alot of character and interest.

  • nice idea…and looks great in pictures…but many of those chairs do not look comfortable at all for guests to sit in.

  • I have to disagree with the comment above. Some old chairs are just as comfortable/uncomfortable as the plain ones offered by rental companies.

  • WOW….love this! The textures, patterns, and different rustic metals…brilliant. What a labor of love.

  • This is such a an awesome vintage wedding idea! I’ve always been one to like things that match… but more and more am I starting to branch out into things that have different colors, patterns, designs, etc.!

  • I LOVE the mismatched chairs. It would really be great with the mismatched plates that I’ve been collecting. However, it seems like a feasible idea for a small wedding but we’re planning on 125 guests. If I could find that many, where would I store them until the wedding?

  • Hi Anita, Amanda here. I thought about that when I was preparing the post, and I think parents’s garage or basement could work if they are willing to share the space until your wedding day. There’s also rental storage spaces you can find for a few bucks a month (some are even free for the first month). If you can find vintage chairs for free, I think the cost of storage space is totally worth it.

  • This is exactly the look I”m going for! Don’t know if I”ll be able to pull it off in Mexico though…

  • Hi Erin!

    What about asking to borrow or rent chairs from a modest restaurant near the venue with that “cool” worn look? They may not “get it” why a bride would be interested in old chairs, but it’s worth it a shot. 🙂

  • I love this look! It reminds me of watching Friends over the years. I always coveted Monica and Rachel’s mis-matched chairs around the dining room table. Very whimsical.

    If you wanted to get really crafty you could see if where ever you got them from would let you paint them in your “wedding colors.” Maybe only doable for a small size wedding though.

  • I want to do this so badly but am afraid I won’t be able to afford it as we’re having about 200 guests.

  • I love this idea. I think my favorite is when all the mismatched chairs are white. I don’t know why, but I just love that!

  • I absolutely love this look, it looks so charming outdoors. When my big day rolls around I would love to recreate this. I better start collecting chairs now! However, I really don’t know how practical it would be to horde 60-100 chairs. 🙂

  • Really Amazing reception idea. Chairs arrangement and color..concept every thing looking colorful and beautiful locations..

  • I absolutely LOVE this and so want to do it for my wedding! But what do you do with all the chairs after the wedding? Is there any way to find a bride who has done this and now wants to re-sell the chairs?

  • Please i want to buy or rent these chairs!! Our wedding is this oct… I Love Love Love them!

  • Love the mix-matched chairs! I have the same vintage style in my kitchen provides so much character.

  • I’d would love to rent these chairs from ou! I’m having an outdoor wedding in sept and this would be a fairy tale dream wedding if I could use these!

  • Are you in the UK very interested in antique chairs for a wedding 140 for August 31st, 2013 please let me know

    regards Jan

  • Hi – I love love the mismatched chairs and have been looking forever to find someone to rent me 50 -80 for our wedding day on 2nd May 2014. We have plenty of time to find some if we wanted to buy but we are not marrying near to where we live in London so it would be very difficult to store then….. Do you live in the uk? Or Jan, did you find anywhere to rent chairs from? It would be really interesting to hear whether you managed it?


  • Love mismatched chairs. My mother and I collected a whole bunch for my sister’s wedding. Now we have to paint them all white and reupholster them! It’s a lot of work, but so beautiful!

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