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Dainty Indie English Wedding

Dainty Indie English Wedding

Our next affair comes from an adorable couple across the pond. They were sent to us from the oh-so-talented photographer, Rosie Parsons. The bride and groom celebrated with family and friends in a doily and lace clad TEE PEE in the yard of the groom’s uncle. How romantic is that? This wedding and all the dainty details makes my heart go pitter patter.

bride and groom rice toss

From the bride. It’s very weird – but I didn’t actually think about a certain theme – or feel, I just wanted something very individual to Jon and I. I knew I wanted something pretty, relaxed, happy – and not too stiff or contrived – but for it to have a bit of personality!

wide shot wedding teepee
interior of teepee with doily garland
bride and bridesmaid in front of VW

There was no set theme or colour, it was very organic. I bought the bridesmaid dresses early on and that kind of set a tone for the colours, which were pale neutral pastels. I kept all of the decoration in the teepees to white, as I knew my flowers were going to be the main colours inside.

bride and groom kissing in car
closeup vintage teacup place setting
bride and groom in front of VWI hand made the pom poms, hand stamped the order of service, and bought all decorations and decorated everything myself.

interior of teepee with long tables
doily garland with string lights

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Any advice for brides planning their weddings now? Start collecting decoration bits and pieces early on, so that you have lots of nice things to choose from, and don’t have to worry about going out and getting it all at the last minute. Check out wedding blogs for inspiration – also fashion magazines, such as Jalouse and Japanese Vogue.

Wedding Vendors (London, England):

Ceremony and reception location: Groom’s uncle’s house / Florist: Scarlet & Violet, family / Photographer: Rosie Parsons / Wedding Dress and Headpiece: Delphine Manivet / Bride’s shoes: Margiela / Makeup: bride / Hair: bride’s friend / Bridesmaid Dresses: Smallable, Mango / Bridesmaid shoes: Camilla Skovgaard / Groom’s suit: Raf Simons / DJ: Stick It On / Caterer: bride’s friend Janie Fraser / Wedding Cake and Dessert: Laduree / Wedding invitations: Groom / Videographer: friend / Transportation: Devon Cool Campers

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  • lovelovelove this wedding. her delphine dress is stunning!
    and i haven’t been able to visit in a while but i really love the new ruffled makeover!

  • Gorgeous! I love everything about this wedding-the bride’s take on the traditional veil, the details… and of course, the amazing photography. She’s one talented lady is Rosie Parsons!

  • I literally need to know where those tents are from. I found their site (or one similiar) about a year back and wrote down the address, subsequently lost it, and now have struggled to find it again. They’re the only type I want so please please would someone tell me who she used?

  • @Hannah– I have done lots of research on these “Giant-Hat Teepees” for my own wedding in 2011. I’ve emailed several companies, and unfortunately, if your wedding isn’t going to be held in the UK, you’re out of luck. Of course if you want to fly one out to the States and fly out the staff to set it up, that’s potentially viable… but a little ridiculous cost-wise. I considered it! 🙁 Here are the three that I’m aware of:

    I haven’t found any vendors located in the US who offer something similar. The closest I’ve found is a woman who rents giant Teepees in British Columbia for camping– she said she’d be willing to drive out 2 giant teepees to the East Coast for $6000, but then again, they’re not the same and we’d have to figure out ourselves how to adapt them for a wedding reception.

    On the same note, I haven’t been able to find anyone on the East Coast who does rentals of vintage plates/ cutlery/ teacups, etc. There is only one that I know of in the States– she’s located in LA (“Found” vintage rentals) and also rents out fabulous furniture for events. Again, not very cost-effective for an East coast wedding.

    If ANYONE finds a company Stateside who rents out teepees and vintage crockery similar to what is featured in this post, please do share! 🙂

  • Why are the English always so cute? They are so charming and sophisticated while being so romantically sweet. I love this couple!

  • Anyone know where I can find those buntings and garlands etc? This wedding is amazing

  • Lauryn,

    I guess this is way past when you posted on this.. but if you happen to see this we rent furniture and china on the east coast !

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