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How to Solve Guest List Dilemmas Like a Pro

How to Solve Guest List Dilemmas Like a Pro

Who remembers that scene in Father of the Bride where George Banks + fam are sitting around the table, whittling down their guest list amidst two heaping stacks of names, designating which first draft guests will make the cut and which will not? And who remembers George reaching a bit of a breaking point in the process? Well it certainly doesn’t have to be that way, but it’s not uncommon for couples to feel a lot of pressure in the creation of their guest list. How much of a role should traditional etiquette play? How do you make sure you don’t overcompensate for “regrets” and undercompensate for your ideal number of guests?

We invited Atlanta Wedding Planner Kristi Collins of Coco Red Events to chime in on some of the most common guest list dilemmas her couples have faced. So rest assured knowing that you’re not alone and at the end of the day, you and your fiancé will be surrounded by the most beloved people in your lives!

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Huge thank you to Kristi of Coco Red Events for her sound advice!

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  • Thanks for sharing this helpful advice! It’s so important to remember communicating with your fiance about the guest list – the idea of splitting the list and comparing your versions is a great one. I also really appreciate your take on +1’s and “adults-only.” These topics can be so sensitive and this advice can really help ease the stress!

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