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Art Gallery Inspired Wedding Shoot with Agate

Art Gallery Inspired Wedding Shoot with Agate

Art Gallery Inspired Wedding Shoot with Agate -

We’re sure you’ve noticed the trend of using agate and geodes in wedding design, and if you can’t tell, we’re pretty big fans of it. Today’s styled shoot uses these natural elements in an art gallery setting, relying on striking, bold blues and hints of brass for a truly modern look. The team of Christa Elyce, Bella Luna Bridal & Occasions, and Dream Bouquet positively nailed it, don’t you think?

Art Gallery Inspired Wedding Shoot with Agate -

From the event planner and stylist, Bella Luna Bridal & Occasions: Our Agate-Geo Styled Shoot was inspired by a chance visit to a local art gallery in Houston, TX. We wanted to find a unique event space beyond the normal look and feel of a hotel ballroom. The Deborah Colton Gallery had a wide array of high end art. Nothing stood out to us more than the piece titled, Primeval, by Dorothy Hood. The rich, jewel tone colors and texture were the perfect fit for an agate inspired shoot. We knew we wanted to embrace the texture and imperfection of agate slices and now had the perfect art piece to accompany the look.

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Once we fell in love with the painting, we curated our shoot to reflect the rich colors and understated sophistication the piece so demanded. The base inspiration of fine art and an nontraditional wedding venue triggered the idea of submitting to Ruffled. We knew we needed to submit to a platform that appreciates something different and shows new, unique ideas to share with brides! After locking in the venue, and agreeing to carefully shoot this one of a kind masterpiece, we created a detailed style board and set out for the perfect team of vendors. With each, we presented the overall look and feel for the day and put together a stand out team of professionals who truly internalized our vision. The smallest detail, yet foundation of agate slices, proved to be most adventurous and challenging task yet! Agate slices are easily found at local boutiques as polished coasters or bookends. This simply wouldn’t do! The rough edges and textures are quickly lost with the perfection consumers crave. Luckily, during the planning process for the shoot, I found myself on the other side of the world in Thailand! I made it my personal mission to search all markets and beach-side stands for the perfect slices. On my last day in Phuket, Thailand, I was drawn into a shop with a multitude of treasures. There, on a bottom shelf, covered in layers of dust, were the perfect, sapphire blue gems!! I knew I’d met my match!! My husband quickly purchased them and we were on our way home!

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It seems so trivial and simple, they are slices of rock most would say; this just wasn’t so. What this shoot needed was the uniqueness each had to offer and the imperfections to tie in the entire look. Our wonderful calligrapher scripted the names of guest and of course, “Bride” and “Groom”, to make the perfect place cards and guest favors; some of our favorite detail shots! Geometric and angels proved to be underlining elements throughout the shoot. From the neckline of the bridesmaid’s dress, to the shape detail and angles on the bride’s, we studied every piece before adding it to the collection. The Kendra Scott jewelry was a perfect accompaniment, with the angles and edges mimicking that of rocks and the organic, natural patterns presented in agate. For floral, we focused on a look to incorporate pops of colors with the hues of blues and reds the painting offered. Blue thistles, harsh and edgy, yet sophisticated, were utilized throughout. The florist provided stunning fringed tulips with a smooth outer surface, yet unexpected jagged edges, to provide an added to element to the expected simplicity.

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We also played off of the geometric feel with the various vases and candle holders, as well as wine glasses with an acute edge (rather than a perfect cylindrical look), that created the tablescape. The facets on each gave a different dimension depending on one’s vantage point. The cake, was the perfect example of how agate and geometric inspired design go hand in hand. The cake designer utilized a marbling technique to portray the beauty of layers, and blending of hues, agate exudes. This, along with the geometric base, a gold brushed hexagon, was the perfect marriage of the two design elements. We always encourage brides to be open minded, yet stay true to themselves. Anyone can create a wedding that will leave an impression whether they choose to stay inside the box, balance on the lines of its edges, or completely jump outside!! A great team of vendors and solid inspiration board from the beginning allows one to create something unique, yet present a cohesive wedding look they will surely love!!

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