We’ve got quite the treat today: yet another amazing Valentine’s Day shoot from a ridiculously talented team of artists in Philadelphia! This couple’s style is so perfect- him in that bow tie and her with that great lace dress and funky glasses – I’m loving their look. When you’re combining photographer Alison Conklin, styling mavens Styled Creative, Brown Betty baked goods and gorgeous paper goods from Two Paperdolls, you know the end result will have plenty of to-the-tee perfect ideas that will translate to your wedding day. Check out the gallery for all the lovely vignettes this team put together!

hipster valentines day weddinghipster valentines day wedding

valentine's day red wedding ideas

hipster valentines day weddinghipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day weddinghipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day weddinghipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day weddinghipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day wedding

hipster valentines day weddinghipster valentines day wedding

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Wedding Vendors (Philadelphia, PA)
Photography: Alison Conklin Photography / Styling: Beka and Kimberly of Styled Creative / Paper Goods: Two Paperdolls / Baked Goods and wedding cake: Brown Betty / Makeup: Beke Beau / Hair: Mack Stylist / Flowers: Beautiful Blooms

  • That last shot of her in the heart glasses is very Lady Gaga. This whole shoot it just beautiful!

  • This shoot really makes me want RED tights!!

  • Jenn

    Amazing! Each and every shot is perfect, fun, and incredible! What an amazing team that put this together. I’ve already looked through them twice and am going back for more!

  • Cindy Sue

    WHAT FUN! A colorful shoot for colorful people, how wonderful. And you gave me an idea for a ‘gift’ I am sending to my very first Follower, so THANKS! I would say what it is, but I know she reads your blog, haha!

  • That is so adorable and cute, I LOVE it! It also inspired me to make red velvet whoopie pies again this year :)

  • This shoot is amazing! Love the urban, hip feel to what is your typical romantic holiday! That lace dress is killing me!! This has to be one of my faves!

  • I am so in love with her dress, where is it from?

  • I love this shoot! Such an amazing team of incredibly talented women.

  • The dress is from Zara.

  • chloe

    Loooooove this! So excited that Alison is shooting my wedding!

  • I, too, am in love with this dress! I would love something like this for my own wedding.

  • Jenny

    Yes, where is her lace dress from? Just love it! Super cute shoot and ideas too!!

  • beka

    The lace/crochet dress is from Zara, couldn’t believe when I found it!! thanks for all of the comments, we had such an awesome time with this shoot, great peeps to work with!

  • I absolutely love this couple! Awesome styling and photos.

  • I love that cake, and there are so many amazing details. It’s got everything! The street scene, the table scape the french macaroons, the outfit changes. It must have bee a fun day for everyone!

  • Sara

    Is that tote diy or store bought? I want for my bms. :)

  • Nicky – Modern Wedding Ideas

    Love the colours (red is one of my favourites), love the style, love the details and love the couple. Fantastic shoot with lots of inspiration. I love it!

  • Jamie Wyckoff | Julia’s Poppies Design

    this is adorable! love it!

  • Cute!!! Beautiful details!!

  • This is amazing inspiration! I love the sweet patterned cake, it looks too to eat!!

  • cheri

    VERY cool pictures……

  • i am totally lovin this shoot…super funky fresh!!

  • The tote is actually from forever 21! I believe it was maybe $2-$3. Definitely a good gift!

  • Tessa Woolf

    Beka and Kimberly are the BEST! This shoot is so stinking clever, creative and cute. Two thumbs up, ladies!

  • Kaelea

    this shoot is incredible! where is the white and red striped dress from?

  • love the dress with the red tights…hot.

  • The red and white dress is from Anthropologie, but it isn’t from this season. Sorry! Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.

  • Kat

    Where is the red striped dress from?! It is adorable!

  • Hot Chocolates – Chocolate Fountain Hire

    Loving the “valentine heart” theme!!… Words that spring to mind…. red, heart, retro, viberant, twee and, for some reason, 3D glasses!! :)

  • Just adorable! Such fun and I love the red tights!

  • Colleen Leary

    Everything about this shoot is so perfect. The styling is done so well. Her dresses are perfection. I love the cross stitched burlap and that awesome heart boot!! The photos are marvelous. What a team.

  • This shoot is so cute. I absolutely LOVE her hair!

  • Kathleen at Twig and Thistle

    Wow, everything about this is perfection! That heart bag is just about the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for sharing :)

  • We were thrilled that Beka and Kimberly asked us at Beautiful Blooms Events to create the heather heart boutonniere and the balance florals for their shot.

  • ruby

    Oh my goodness, I adore this!!! Lolita and Cupid are getting married! SO fresh and hip!

  • this is amazing!

  • karine

    ooh I am obsessed with that Zara lace dress now! I tried to find it today but was unsuccessful, is it from a recent collection?

  • too much goodness in one post. LOVE!

  • Where is his coat from? Love this shoot bunches!!

  • Hourglass

    Very adorable shoot. Great collaboration.

    However, I disagree with the title of this post. This is not “mod.”

  • Jessica

    L.O.V.E. the details in this shoot :)

  • soooo many awesome photos here! so many! first off, I love her lacy dress so much and i just cant stand it. the photog did such a great job showing all the details and photographing the couple so beautifully!!!

  • Amanda

    Hourglass – we use vintage terms loosely. Our main goal is to provide readers with wedding ideas, so we leave History with the pros ;)

  • Teresa

    hi guys, you look just amazig, so nice pictures, i would like to know how i can get the Valentine’s Day love tote and the black heart ring that you are wearing. please!! thanks in advance, god bless you