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How to Know if your Groom Suit Fits Properly

How to Know if your Groom Suit Fits Properly

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A big question we’re always asked in the realm of wedding fashion is how to to know if your tuxedo or groom suit fits properly. So buckle up, friend because today we’re chatting with leading menswear provider, Stitch & Tie, about all things fit. Which is just as important, by the way, as the style of the suit 😉

dark blue groom suit with cotton wrap wedding dress
Photo by Fulleylove Photography featuring the Dark Blue Broadway Suit by Ike Behar from this teal + persimmon Styled Social

A well-fitting suit will look not only look more expensive but also modern, fashionable and elevated. So let’s talk through the main areas to watch when checking to see if your suit fits properly:

dark green groom suit fits with tailored shoulders and velvet bow tie
Photo by Teresa Marie Photography featuring the Dark Green Venice Suit by Midnight Blue

1. The Shoulders

The shoulders of the coat should softly hang over your actual shoulders and should not extend out past that.  If they do, not only will it look like football pads, but it will also get wrinkles under the pads themselves.  On the other side of the spectrum, your shoulders should not be so tight that they look like they are pulling over your arms and back (watch for pulling induced wrinkles across the upper back which means the coat is too tight).   

black tuxedo groom outfit for a rooftop wedding
Photo by Koman Photography featuring the Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

2. The Waist

Making sure your coat is the right size for your waist will make the overall suit look more flattering.  An easy way to check is by buttoning your coat and pulling it away from your torso: if the gap is more than 1-2 inches, your coat is too big.  On the other hand, if you button your coat and there are diagonal lines pulling from your sides to towards the button, your coat is too tight.

dark blue groom suit fits with perfect coat length
Photo by Molly + Co featuring the Dark Blue Broadway Suit by Ike Behar

3. Coat Length

The coat length is really an area of personal preference, but right now the trend is to wear a shorter coat.  Different brands have different standard coat lengths, but you can also control this by selecting a Short, Regular, Long or Extra Long coat.  Put your arms down by your sides, the coat should end be between your wrist and your top thumb knuckle.  Lots of guys think they need a longer coat than they do, but when in doubt, err on the shorter side if you want to be on trend!

4. Sleeve Length

With your hands down at your sides, your sleeve should end right around your wrist break and should show about ¼ to ½ inch of shirt sleeve. Keep in mind that movement will constantly throw off your shirt and coat sleeve situation, so before taking posed photos take a second readjust your sleeves.  (Note: if you raise your arms and your sleeves come up that’s normal- you do not need a longer sleeve.)

cobalt blue groom suit for a desert wedding
Photo by Bree + Stephen Photography featuring the Cobalt Blue Suit

5. Pants Waist

The waist of your dress pants is intended to be worn higher up on the waist than most people are accustomed to.  But the pants will lay flat and be most flattering if you pull them up above your hips and keep them there for the entire event! Trust us, the fit on your legs and derrière will thank you 😉

light blue groom suits
Photo by Amy Captures Love featuring the Light Blue Verona Suit by Midnight Blue

6. Pants Length

The current trend is to have little to no break when it comes to your pant length, a “break” is the magical spot where the pants hit the top of the shoes.  This look works best for pants with a narrow leg or a slim fit. Many guys inadvertently push down their pants by putting their hands in their pockets or let their pants sag down over time, this will lead to the pants pooling by the shoes, so try to keep the pants up higher on the waist throughout the event!

gold velvet groom suit with floral print tie
Photo by Teresa Marie Photography featuring the Gold Velvet Suit coming in Spring 2020

Now we’ve all got those styles that make us tick when it comes to formal fashion. And with big wedding parties come many body types and preferences. Sometimes finding the right sizes for all the groomsmen, fathers and ring bearers can feel like an uphill battle in itself, we know! But online rental services you can trust, like Stitch & Tie, makes the process seamless.  Offering sizes from kiddos to big + tall, plus backing up their work with 45 years of menswear experience, they know their stuff.  Their certified personal stylists can guide you through style options and make size recommendations for everyone. Say Yes to the Suit anyone? With Stitch & Tie, ordering your suit or tuxedo and accessories is done 100% online and all sizes can be mixed and matched to fit your own specific needs (meaning the coat and pants don’t come in a set like they do at many retail stores).  Which makes all the difference!

Shop their top notch suits + tuxedos in every color under the rainbow here and get ready to strut your stuff, pal. You won’t be able to help yourself!

This post was sponsored by Stitch & Tie. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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