Eco-friendly brides, this one’s for you! One of our wonderful sponsors, the Green Bride Guide, has launched a brand ‘spankin new wedding gift shop & registry filled with sustainable and affordable gift options! All the products in the shop have been screened by the green industry’s most credible resource. Looking for some recycled wine glasses? They have it covered! Organic cotton textiles? No problem! Earth-friendly fine china? They’ve got it!

Organic Green Eco-Friendly wedding registry

Green Bride Guide’s online gift shop is also the first green wedding registry to offer carbon-neutral shipping. When a package is shipped, the transportation process generates CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. To neutralize this effect, the Green Bride Guide calculates the impact of each shipment and purchases carbon offsets from its partner, Brighter Planet. Each offset supports community-based alternative energy projects in the United States that remove CO2 from the air, and reduce the country’s dependence on “dirty” carbon-emitting sources. What does this mean for you? You aren’t faced with the crazy high shipping fees we’ve become accustomed to from online stores, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve helped to keep your planet green.

They also have a carbon calculator and a handy beverage calculator tools to help plan your wedding. And click here to start your eco-friendly registry!