Coxcomb Flowers – Bouquets for Fall

Today Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers‘s wedding flower segment is showing us fresh Fall hues and blooms that are available during this season. She designed a gorgeous bouquet using today’s flower feature, coxcomb. Needless to say, its texture makes the bouquet look so rich. Thank you Heather Nan for the beautiful images!

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Coxcomb are a love โ€˜em or hate โ€˜em flower. To some they look like velvet and sea coral. They have thick stems, and sort of a v-shaped base, but the top of the flowers is the most interesting.

Coxcomb are available summer to fall. They come in a range of colors, from a light green to a honey-yellow, orange to rust, red, burgundy, and a deep fuchsia. I have seen a dark purple from time to time too.

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Here they are used in bud vases, and a bouquet. While they are tricky to use in single vases because they have such thick stems, itโ€™s a good look if your vases have a wide enough opening. They are such an interesting shape that I think they are often at their best when they are isolated. Coxcomb are great in bouquets because you can showcase the tops of them.

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Other flowers used in this bouquet are: Hydrangea, Echinops thistle, Amaranthus, Gomphrena, garden rose and maple leaves.

Do you love them or do you think they are best used for Halloween?

All photos by Heather Nan.

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  1. LOVE the unique velvety texture and deep colors. These are good flowers to dry and keep. Just beware – as they dry out they shed tiny black bead-like seeds eeeeverywhere. I learned that lesson the hard way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    erica @ tinseltwine . com

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