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DIY Starburst Yarn Backdrop

DIY Starburst Yarn Backdrop

We’re continuing with our Flower Child wedding inspiration designed by Sweet Sunday Events and captured by EE Photography! Katy and her amazing team are back to share the skinny on how to create this yarn starburst backdrop. It’s no secret we love a good project that goes from wedding to home, and this one may be just what you need to complete a little vignette in your house.

DIY yarn backdrop

For this project you will need:
-4×8 wood board
-2 inch nails
-Yarn of various colors
-A cup or something round to trace
-Wood stain or paint (optional)

diy yarn backdrop
DIY yarn backdrop
DIY yarn backdrop


The nails: Begin by staining or painting the wood whatever color, if you choose.

Once the paint has dried, hammer 2 inch nails into the board. Nails will follow 3 sides of the wood: the top, bottom and one side. Nails should be placed half an inch from the edge of the wood to prevent the wood from splitting. To achieve a fuller look, be sure to hammer the nails closer together. We made sure that each head of the nail was touching on our backdrop.

On the bare side of the board, find the middle and trace a half circle then add 2 inch nails along the line you traced.
DIY yarn wedding backdrop
DIY yarn backdrop
DIY yarn wedding backdrop

The yarn: Once all the nails are situated, it’s time for the yarn. Beginning in the corner of the board, attach the yarn by double knotting it to the nail. Take that strand of yarn and connect it to the circle of nails you created in the middle of the board. Do not cut the yarn, just simply wrap it a around the nail and connect it to the second nail. Continue connecting each nail to one another. Note: since there are less nails in the center, you will need to string multiple strands to these nails.

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It’s totally up to you to dictate when it’s time to change the yarn color, but whenever you are ready, just repeat the yarn steps.

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Shoot Location: Austin, TX / Event Styling, Floral Design, and Rentals: Sweet Sunday Events / Photographer: EE Photography / Shoot Venue: Vuka Co-op / Caterer: Catering with a Twist / Cake: The Cake Plate / Models: A Premium Blend of Talent / Hair and Makeup: Summer Edwards / Paper Goods: The Stationery Bakery

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