DIY Wedding CD Covers

Our next submission comes from Alicia Parsons of Akimbo. What we love most about these favors is how simple yet aesthetically pleasing they are! They don’t require too many nimble fingers, so they’re not as labor-intensive, but still produce a gorgeous result.

DIY CD cover favors

From the designer: Having contemporary, meaningful music as part of our wedding celebrations was really imporant for The Man and I. Thankfully we have very similar tastes in music so agreeing on songs was easy. The hard part was finding songs that were appropriate for the occasion… it seems most of our favourite songs are about unrequited love or breaking up!

DIY CD cover favors

DIY CD cover favors

You can find the .pdf template for the CD covers here.

  1. Fantastic idea! And cool song choices. I can already picture how mine would look 🙂 Must have been a very nice wedding.

  2. Love love LOVE this idea! What kind of paper/card stock would you recommend? What did you use for assembly – just a plain old glue stick?

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