We are sharing another teaser of what our DIY Contest is bringing to you next month. If you’re just hearing about the contest now, let me give you a briefing on the sweet little details – such as first place price of $500, second place prize of $300 gift card to ModCloth and third place will receive a Silhouette Machine, a $299 value. I made these boutique soaps with vintage illustrations that would make great bridal shower gifts or an addition to your bridesmaid gift totes. What girl doesn’t like being pampered with nifty handmade soap? It literally takes you 5 minutes to do it all.

 handmade transparent soap favor packaging idea

What you’ll need:

– Clear glycerin
– Transparency sheets (can be purchased by the sheet at stores such as Kinko’s) or water soluble paper (can be found at Amazon)
– Soap molds
– Essential Oil

 diy chic transparent glycerin wedding soaps

 Soap favor wedding idea

To make the designs shown in the soap, print anything of your choosing (monograms, illustrations, etc) on transparency sheets. The engraved illustrations are from this site, which is a goldmine for beautiful vintage illustrations and maps – all free to download. After printed, trace your soap mold onto the sheets and cut your designs slightly smaller than the mold size so the edges of the sheet don’t stick out.

1. To make the soap, cut the bar of clear glycerin in smaller cubes. Add water in a large pot, and in a smaller one, add the glycerin. Place the smaller pot in the larger one, to make the glycerin melt without burning. Add the scented oils of your choice and mix it with a wooden spoon until all chunks are melted.
2. With your designs in hand, pour a little bit of the melted glycerin into soap molds (I used old Ikea plastic containers – the small square ones) and then place the design facing the bottom of the mold. Immediately after, pour the other half of the soap. Let it cool for a few hours.

For the packaging, I used handmade wrapping paper and printed “Thank You” and the scent name on each end of a belly band and cut one edge with pinking shears. I designated one design per scent.

 Vintage Hot air balloon soap wedding idea
DIY Transparent soap favors

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