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DIY Contest

DIY Contest

It’s about time we have a DIY contest! I know how crafty my readers are, and I’m sure many of you have some great projects in line for your wedding. The winner will receive a $200 gift certificate to Wedding Paper Divas.

How to enter: email me photos and instructions of your best DIY projects. You can enter as many of your projects as you would like to in order to increase your chances of winning. All entries will be published! I will start posting entries on the first week of April.

Contest Rules:

  • Contest is open worldwide. Anyone can participate. Brides (including guest bloggers), Newlyweds and Bloggers are welcome to participate.
  • DIY projects must be somehow wedding related. All projects with the exception of DIY invitations will be accepted for the contest. If you would like to send your DIY invitations projects just to share with my readers, send them away. I’d love to share with readers after the contest.
  • Deadlines: submissions must be sent by March 23. I will begin publishing all entries from March 24 to April 24.
  • Winner selection will be based on the number of votes from readers.
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