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We were completely wowed by the epic-scale paper backdrop in this afternoon’s wedding from Sweet Sunday Events, so imagine our delight that we’re able to have Katy herself here to share just how to make our very own! This DIY Pixelated Backdrop is amazingly simple, but will take a fair bit of time to complete — so pour yourself a glass of wine, flip on your favorite program, and get to it! Thank you Caroline Joy Photography for the images!

diy pixelated backdropsdiy pixelated backdrops

From Katy of Sweet Sunday Events: Paper art is something we love. This project added the perfect touch of femininity and gave that wow factor to our shoot. Here is a helpful DIY to give you the step by step on making it yourself. Enjoy!

For this project, you will need:
-Packs of colored paper (we used all shades of green and purple, but you can pick your colors)
-Pack of white paper (again color is up to you!)
-Hot glue gun
-Pack of glue for glue gun
-Large sheet of plywood (we used a 4 x 8 piece from Home Depot, but this is the designer’s choice)

DIY Pixelated Backdrop

Come up with an image that you would like to create for this project. We chose to make an abstract flower, but you can decide on whatever your little heart desires. Used as a small framed art piece in your home to a wedding backdrop (link this to our shoot), it’ll look great any way you choose.

diy backdrop tutorial

1. Begin by folding paper widthwise into three sections. Fold a good amount because you’ll probably use more than you think.

DIY Pixelated Backdrop

DIY Pixelated Backdrop

2. Cut paper on the folded lines. Then make multiple slits in each section. Be sure not to cut all the way through the paper. This will help to save you time!

DIY Pixelated Backdrop

3. For extra texture you can curl some of the paper like you would ribbon. Pull the cut paper between your thumb and the blade of your scissors. The friction causes the paper to turn up slightly.

diy post it notes backdrop

4. Starting from the bottom, hot glue the cut pieces onto the plywood. Moving from the bottom to the top works best!

diy backdrop tutorial

5. Placing the cut pieces approximately 2 inches above the layer below it, continue to hot glue your way up the board. After a few layers of gluing you will start to see a fringe effect happening. Incorporate color and bring your design onto the board.

6. If you curled your paper, just randomly mix these pieces in. You can turn them backwards and forwards to create a more textured look.

7. Be patient and glue, glue, glue. You’ll eventually have a beautiful, one of a kind piece of artwork that’ll make everyone envious.

DIY Pixelated Backdrop

  • what a gorgeous idea :X perfect for the ceremony

  • Wow, wonderful project! I love paper art :)

  • Wonder if making this with fabric would have the same look but last longer? Love the idea though!