A piñata is pretty straight forward to make, but it’s such a fun idea to use in weddings! Vanessa from Alchemy Fine Events tells us how to recreate this darling wedding piñata with “love notes”:

Blow up balloon (oversized balloons work best), soak newspaper strips in water and glue, then cover the balloon in them. After the balloon dries, cover it in the cut music sheets. Pop the balloon and cut a small section to fill up with the love ‘notes’. Reattach the cut piece and cover it with the music sheet strips.

DIY Love Notes Piñata music sheet

Photos by John Schnack Photography.

  • *~*Thank You*~* I cannot wait to make a few of these & use them on one of my shoots!! =)

  • jenny haas

    love this! what a great idea!

  • That does it….off to the music store

  • How awesome! I’m going to try making this..so romantic and perfect for valentines day!

  • Oooh so romantic. Sure must be a labor of love to make!

  • Kelly

    Ooooh, I can’t wait to try this one out!

  • This is trully amazing – we’re loving the idea!

  • forget.me.knot.weddings

    This is such a cool idea!!

  • Jennie

    Creative yet not crafty looking! Love it!

  • sooooooo creative!!!

  • Nichole

    Hmmm I am thinking I would take this a step further. I love the idea of asking our wedding guests to write us a love note, or advice, wishes, etc…and have them stuff it into a pinata that we will break open on our 1 year anniversary :) sweet!

  • Lollipop Events & Designs

    LOVE that idea Nichole!

  • cari

    absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing.

  • Claire Minnaar

    Love this idea! I think I may do something similar this weekend for my kids! They will love bashing it and finding fun goodies inside! :)