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DIY Grocery Store Bouquet

DIY Grocery Store Bouquet

Question for you. Have you ever walked by those readymade grocery store bouquets and wondered “why sunflower with baby’s wreath, why”, then listen in. We took on the challenge of reinventing grocery store flowers with our friends at Fiskars and ended up with a new favorite flower!
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 001

Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 002
Tools used:
Fiskars Power2 Gear Pruners
Wire Cutters
Grocery Store List:
Orchid potted Plant
Safari Sunset / Leucadendron
Alstroemeria / Peruvian Lily
Dusty Miller
Floral Supplies:
Silk ribbon (we used this one)
Stem Floral wire
Floral tape (I was out of green, but here’s where mine is from
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 020
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 022
We went with a maroon and lilac color palette with orange undertones, dreaming up of a tropical elopement in a jungle somewhere with sunlight being diffused by the trees! The selection available dictated what colors we used, which is the name of the game if you’re in a pinch for florals.
Most of these flowers are always available at any grocery store, so recreating it is easy. If you’re buying flowers in spring or early summer, you’ll have better luck finding pastel colors and more popular flowers, such as tulips or even peonies. Here’s a grocery store cake hack we shared last year.
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 010
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 005
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 008
I loved the look of the sunset safari – these remind me of miniature proteas, and at 5 bucks a bunch, I needed no convincing. Some of the bunches I got were 3 for $15, which is not too shabby if you’re in a pinch for dressing up a table.
On my way out I grabbed a potted orchid plant — a total splurge if you’re considering that the other flowers were 5x cheaper, but it was the focal point of the bouquet. However, to keep it real, working with orchids is not for the faint of the heart if you’re not a florist: you have to wire them which takes a bit more time. Here’s a video on how to do it. They may be pricey and require extra work but the bottom line is this: they are one of the most wilt-resistant flowers out there. And gorg to boot.
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 021
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 018
Diy Grocerystore Bouquet 012
Starting out with a Leucadendron and two Alstroemeria stems, I worked my way from the center of the bouquet out, alternating Asters, Leucadendron and other flowers. I added the greenery on the back of the bouquet and placed the orchids near the Leucadendron for contrast.
To prevent the bouquet from losing its shape, I used a rubber band as I was adding more flowers. Once I was done, I tied a ribbon and remove the rubber band.
When you build a bouquet, you have to be able to do things one-handed while you hold the bouquet with the other. This means having tools that don’t require much effort to use, which is why I can’t get enough of the Power2 Gear pruners from Fiskars. These sharp, non-stick blade pruners cut up to 3/4″ thick branches and stems, making for an essential tool in your floral toolkit. You can lock the blade after you’re done so storing is easy and safe.
Fiskars offer lifetime warranty, so rest assured they are made to last.
Diy Grocery store Bouquet 016
Diy Grocery store Bouquet
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