DIY Dogwood Bouquet for Spring and Mother’s Day

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 09

DIY Dogwood Branch Bouquet

If there’s one flower that we look forward to seeing come springtime, it’s dogwood. We created this DIY dogwood bouquet using other spring flower superstars like tulips (obviously), ranunculus (love them) and sweet peas (had them in my own bouquet!). Using silk flowers from our partner Afloral, we added ferns some untamed garden vibes. The best part? This took no time to create!

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 02

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 03

Here’s the bouquet recipe to create this arrangement:

2 chrysanthemum
2 peony
2 sweet peas
1 ranuncula
Several dogwood branches and spray
3 tulips
Floral Foam

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 04

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 05

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 06

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 07

When we say effortless, we mean it. You don’t have to be a floral designer by trade to replicate this bouquet – we certainly aren’t! We’ve listened to tips from the pros through the years, and they typically recommend starting with focal flowers first. Trim stems as you see fit while you fill out the edges from the center of the bouquet to add more dimension to the finished look. Levels and depth for the win!

It always helps when you don’t have to worry about the petals and stems being delicate too. That’s why we’ll sing silk flower praises forever! You can simply wrap everything together with shipping tape and cover with delicate trailing ribbon for that fine art look. But honestly, go crazy here. It’s your design after all!

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 08

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 09

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 10

This can even double as home decor once the bouquet has served its purpose. Just add a vase and it’ll be the easiest project ever. We used a low rounded design in soft pink to bring out the colors of the blooms.

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 11

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 12

Diy Dogwood Branch Bouquet 13

And that’s that! No matter how you use this design, it’s sure to impress your closest friends. Who knew you moonlighted as a fab florist?! Tbh, this project comes just in time for Mother’s Day so if you’re looking to give her a grown up craft that’s thoughtful, decorative and longlasting, give this one a try. Shop Afloral here for even more bloom varieties and stay tuned for additional bouquet recipes to come!

This post was sponsored by Afloral. All images and opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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