How To Make Your Website Blossom Featuring The Unlikely Florist

boho bridesmaids wedding bouquets

If you’re in the wedding business, or a small business itching to rebrand, then today we’re talking to you! We’re confident that visually poppy aesthetics are in your blood. And we’re not telling you anything new by saying a good website is key to achieving the right first impression with your ideal clients. But how much easier and cheaper in the long run is it if you can avoid an all-out custom designed, custom built website by launching the perfect site yourself from the start? Cue Squarespace for small businesses!

boho bridesmaids wedding bouquets
Photo by Cori Delgado

florals overflowing from a van
Photo by Ashley Wilhardt

florist workshop behind the scenes
Photo by Fanny Chu Photography

Squarespace has been a wonderful resource for couples through the years, not only serving as a foundation for wedding websites, but also for those who are a part of the industry, making the special day happen. We’re seeing more + more wedding pros catch on in 2018. With a huge library of customizable templates, you don’t have to be a tech genius to set yourself up for success with a site that matches your personal style. Not to mention designs that are automatically mobile friendly and analytics to help you keep your head in the game.

floral chandelier installation
Photo by Fanny Chu Photography

pop up flower shop
Photo by Fanny Chu Photography

floral chandelier installation
Photo by Fanny Chu Photography

We looked to Spencer Falls, better known as The Unlikely Florist, for more insight into how his website with Squarespace has impacted his business through the years. You’d recognize him in person by his signature green fedora, but equally as impressive as his killer wedding florals is the way he’s managed to create a seamless flow that’s aligned with his brand through a few standout pages on the world wide web.

modern overgrown floral backdrop
Above is a recent floral installation he created for Kimmy K herself. No we’re not joking, and yes these bold blooms have swept us away!

Let’s get to know Spencer, shall we?

1. Tell us what makes The Unlikely Florist stand out from the crowd?
One element that I know plays a part is our flower selection. We love rare and robust stems. We’re all about Protea, Banksia, Gravillia, and love to incorporate greens like Eucalyptus and Lucadendron. One thing we’ve recently started doing is framing our brides’ bouquets and setting them behind glass so they can be immortalized as a piece of art for the happy couple.

2. What were the most important factors to you when choosing Squarespace?
Aesthetic is important to me. In order to be inspired to work I need to enjoy it, so having an interface that feels intuitive and is clean and easy to use is a must. I’m not the most tech savvy dude. I’m more the work with my hands kind, but I can work alongside my designer Lola Favre and together we can create and update with ease.

clean web design wedding professional about page

3. What theme do you use + what do you love most about it?
I use the Hunter template which I like for its simplicity but what I really like about Squarespace is how customizable it is. It’s amazing what you can do to make a website truly yours.

4. How has your new site impacted your brand and business?
Hugely so. Your website is your portfolio. It’s your sales rep, and it’s your product. I’ve made some recent changes to certain pages and through the Squarespace analytics I’ve seen a notable spike in traffic. It’s fun – like a game!

modern small business website design

5. What are your top 3 must-haves for websites for wedding creatives?
Great pictures, a clean presentation and an easy to navigate website.

6. What’s your advice to wedding creatives in the process of rebranding and/or building their new sites?
My designer and creative sounding board always say less is more when it comes to a website so I try not to share information I want to share and instead share information my customers and clients need to see.

modern small business website design

Modern, sleek and totally future forward, this Squarespace template is one to bookmark. I mean seriously, how often do you see animations that are equally useful + cute dancing across wedding pros’ websites? Check out this page to see what we mean!

boho overgrown bridal bouquet
Photo by Cori Delgado

wedding florist workshop

So there ya have it. A tried and tested resource that can help you take the next step towards growing (and thriving) in business. Browse the variety of templates to see which one you picture your work gracing the pages of and don’t let that imaginative spirit of yours stop with the tangible things. There’s a whole universe of possibilities for your digital portfolio that seems to be growing by the second. Which template are you most drawn to and why? We’d love to see what you create, so share with us in the comments below!

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