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Golriz + Devon’s Nashville DIY Wedding

Golriz + Devon’s Nashville DIY Wedding

I must have the coolest readers on Earth, because the weddings I receive from brides are beyond awesome. Golriz was no exception. She and her husband Devon got married in Nashville last month, with about 150 guests and had the coolest decor in town. They made everything themselves, including the vintage tv installation. She shares all the details below, but first, you won’t want to miss the avalanche of creative ideas this wedding has!

Nashville Tennessee DIY Wedding
Nashville Tennessee DIY Wedding
Nashville Tennessee DIY Wedding
Nashville Tennessee DIY Wedding
Nashville Tennessee DIY Wedding
Nashville Tennessee DIY Wedding

Aesthetic & Vision

Devon and I wanted every ounce of our wedding to burst with creativity, but we had a very tight budget. This was actually a blessing as it forced us to be really creative and think out of the box. Let’s just say we became regulars at the local Goodwill stores!

One of the biggest priorities for us was making the even space feel really cozy and intimate. We achieved this by setting up a ‘lounge’ feel and a really intricate backdrop. We hung paper strips above our heads to create a beautiful paper chandelier, with twinkly lights strewn behind it that peeked out through the strips. Behind us we hung strands of handmade fabric flowers that myself, a good friend and my mom had spent weeks creating out of an assortment of vintage fabrics.

Art Installation

Devon had always dreamed of creating an art installation with vintage televisions, umbrellas and bare lightbulbs…so this was his chance! We hunted high and low for TVs that had big knobs and dials – the poor people at the thrift stores must have thought we were mad! 🙂 Devon figured out a way to connect all the bulbs to one switch and even installed a dimmer (yes, I’ve married MacGuyver).

Other DIY projects

For our wedding favors we printed CDs with songs that we had written & recorded and placed them in hand sewn fabric sleeves made out of assorted vintage fabric. We then hung the CDs off ribbon with miniature clothes pins so guests could pick one up as they left.

Our centerpieces were made of willow lights that we hung strips of ribbon off and to these we attached bright yellow button mums back-to-back. Buying one type of flower in bulk and using it in a creative way was a great way to save $!

Cake toppers: my mom hand-stitched little fabric birds. They made great props for our photographs too!

Cake stand: instead of purchasing/renting a stand for our 150 cupcakes we built one (using Cetaphil containers and cake boards!)

Our wedding trailer gives a glimpse into how quirky and fun our wedding was. Photos by Ryan Lash

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  • What amazing details in this wedding! I love every aspect – from the television to the streamers. And how sweet that they were both singing. Thanks for sharing!

  • from the birds to the tv’s, i think this has to be one of my favorite wedding posts, the wedding both darling and gorgeous as well as doubling as an art piece itself. what a masterpiece! congrats to golriz&devon!

  • I adore this wedding. I especially love the song the love birds sing. =) That whole making up lyrics bit? Totally something Dan and I would do.
    I have to know where those shoes are from though? I love them!

  • Totally head over heels in love with this wedding!!! I would be giddy to photograph a wedding as sweet and adorable as that!! Love! Love!!!

  • I am in love with this wedding.. Probably my favorite post ever! Plus, I was just thinking earlier this week how a wedding with just yellow poms would work and here is my answer…. FREAKING AMAZING!

  • wow, i would love to be their friends! they had such a great wedding (well i’m amusing because it looks so cool). i would totally do that if i had a wedding redo!

  • This is great! Can you tell me where the super-cute shoes came from? I’m getting married in September and turquoise is my accent color.

  • I LOVE this wedding. Fantastic creativity!

    I, too, MUST know where she got her shoes. I am doing a red & aqua theme and they would be perfect!


  • Wow, talk about a group of talented people. I am sure that this was an amazing event to attend.

  • Oh wow! This is so amazing. I love every single detail. Definitely bookmarking this one for future inspiration!

    Golriz, can you give us information on your dress? Beautiful!

  • I would love to know who makes the wedding dress she wore. It is stunning.

  • Oh my gosh I’m in love. As a former Nashvillian this one feels special to me! Beautifully unique details!

  • so much good stuff to look at in this post… wonderful DIY wedding! love the paper ceiling decor and the art installation of TVs. great wedding exit too!

  • Please Golriz, Where did you found you wedding dress !! so beautiful !!!

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