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Colors of the Wind Wedding Inspiration

Colors of the Wind Wedding Inspiration

Today’s styled shoot is full of so many rich colors and textures, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Inspired by the romance of Disney tales, Mylyn Wood Photography and Daisy Floral Artistry created a sweet tableau complete with luscious summer fruits, colorful blooms, and inspiring wedding fashion. Let’s bring on the dreaminess!

pear cut engagement ring - photo by Mylyn Wood Photography

From the photographer, Mylyn Wood Photography: We’ve all been there. Cuddled up on the couch, popcorn in hand, snuggled in a blanket and weeping over great love stories on the television. Call me juvenile but Disney’s interpretation of the story of John Smith and Pocahontas is one of the most beautiful and moving love stories ever told. Fictional yes, but fables that can make your heart race like the beating of a drum? I bow down to it.

wedding invitations

pear cut engagement ring - photo by Mylyn Wood Photography

Colors of the Wind Wedding Inspiration

love letters

wedding bouquet ribbon

bride and bridesmaids

I had been playing with the idea of doing an editorial inspired by this incredible fantasy for years but was naive in thinking it would be viewed as childish. The more I poured my heart into it as if it were MY wedding and I was living THEIR story the easier it became to do Disney and to do it right. We made sure there were nods to the era by including antique goblets, brass ornaments and a vintage compass. Efforts were made to let every detail sing but not scream of the natural elements surrounding the story. Every piece was carefully selected: the ornamental deer, the movement and illusion of wind in her gown, even the willow tree and the significance it held. We wanted a strong and powerful color palette that would blend beautifully with who I envision she would have been as a bride: deeply rooted, passionate, and softly mimicking the fantastical watercolor vision of her from the film. We made sure that both cultures, though originally thought to clash, blended smoothly. Both natural and wild coexisted wonderfully next to vintage stamps from the era, a compass he carried and even the parchment and penmanship he would have crafted.

braided wedding hair

wedding party

bouquet ribbons

bridesmaid gown

vintage inspired tablescape

woodland wedding inspiration

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A single, simple braid adorned her softly flowing hair allowing the wind to rush through and give us a glimpse of her first meeting with John. Placing them under the long, graceful branches of the aspen tree was so reminiscent of their visit to Grandmother Willow and it was incredibly touching to see their “First Look,” in that location. The cake itself was winking to Grandmother willow herself with our baker constructing a cake that boasted the texture and visual of her bark while being sweet, unique and steadfast. Including a groom’s cake was also important, showing the blossoming of the dirt they dug in search of greed and the beautiful love that enveloped instead. Our real emphasis was put on the passion within the romance. The courageous love that was declared, the path that was chosen with difficulty and the love that lived through the worst of circumstances. Their vows were meant to be viewed as love letters and our subtle inclusions of the compass within the invitations were purposefully done to indicate their choices made with determination, zeal and without fear. So many of us have dreamt of having a fairy tale wedding but it comes with a fear of being obvious, amateur or naive. We are proudly proving that you can have your fairy tale wedding and it can be everything you ever dreamed of.

vintage inspired reception table


wedding desserts

wedding table

unique white wedding cake

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