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Rose Gold Rings + Colorful Gemstones from Brilliant Earth

Rose Gold Rings + Colorful Gemstones from Brilliant Earth

We’ve always loved the sparkly stunners available from Brilliant Earth, and we are particuarly excited that they have recently expanded their rose gold engagement ring collection. We’re loving the current trend, so we picked a few of our latest ring obsessions below!

Brilliant Earth believes that luxury goods need not come at great human or environmental cost. They promote socially responsible business practices that respect human beings and the environment and to that end they even donante a portion of their profits to underdeveloped communities that have been ravaged by the jewelry industry. They’ve recently expanded their collection of colored gemstones, which we adore! They literally offer emeralds in saphires in every color of the rainbow! You can now select one of their unique colored gemstones and have it set in any of their engagement ring settings. We adore that Kate Middleton heralded the return of colored engagement rings with her gorgeous sapphire and no matter what color stone you seek, you’ll find it at Brilliant Earth!

Peruse all of the sparkly wonders from Brilliant Earth then consider choosing an engagement ring or wedding band that is not only remarkably unique and beautiful, but ethically sourced!

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