14 Bohemian Engagement Ring Designs for the Wild at Heart

You know you look for something in a very particular style but can’t quite point the finger as to what word to use? This is the case these gorgeous, unique, charming, designer, bohemian yet sophisticated engagement ring designs. Did I catch your attention? Then keep reading ladies, because these rings are just what we’ve all been searching for!

elegant engagement ring with stunning gem in between diamonds

stunning rose gold engagement ring with sparkling diamonds surrounding the gem

beautiful Australian opal stone in between sparkling crescent moons

Indulge into this beautiful celestial gem – or should we say gems? 10 sparkling diamonds are spread across the halo and band.

Between 2 crescent moons is a perfectly glowing Australian opal stone. We just can’t get our eyes off!

astonishing rose gold rutilated quartz engagement ring

sparkling diamond princess cut engagement ring

elegant oval dark blue sapphire engagement ring for the boho bride

unique charcoal engagement ring

Take a glimpse of this charcoal stone. This brings a happy gypsy feels all of our days!

lustrous engagement ring with sparkling diamonds

Deeply mysterious yet simply elegant. This ring makes us feel like we want to wear it.

Whether you’re the cool artsy type of bride or going full-on celebration mode for the big day, you will love this.

old European cut white dazzling diamond engagement ring

thin gold charcoal diamond engagement ring

vintage looking engagement ring with sparkling diamonds

Diamonds and rose gold are a hit! This will surely be the perfect choice for every boho lover bride out there!

stylized center deco flower engagement ring with small diamonds

This royal blue sapphire ring in the rose gold band gives an elegant royalty glow to every bride.

metallic stacked engagement ring

This is one of our favorites! It is like a ring for the medieval queen who is bothe fierce and chic.

Who says metallic beauty doesn’t exist? Gold and copper blend perfectly in this boho ring with a suspended diamond halo. Chic and elegant it is.

beautiful sapphire gem surrounded with sparkling diamonds

And we’re all fascinated by them! There’s more of these boho gems so stay tuned for more elegant rings soon.

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