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Clematis – Spring Wedding Flowers

Clematis – Spring Wedding Flowers

Calling all spring and summer brides! This post is for you. Honey of a Thousand Flowers is back this week with a bloom that evokes the airy mood that sunny days are made of. This white on white floral arrangement is particularly gorgeous for a chic, vintage-inspired day. I will let Sarah take it from here:

Spring wedding flowers white bouquets

From Sarah: Clematis is a charming spring and early summer flowering vine. There are many different varieties; some look innocent and sweet, and others look like they might contain venom. This four-petal variety is called Montana. Clematis come in white, shades of pink, lavender, and deep purple and burgundies.

Spring wedding flowers white bouquets

These arrangements consist of mostly clematis, but also have eucalyptus, viburnum, and wild sweet pea in them. These all white arrangements could translate in several different environments, a backyard wedding, a beach wedding, or maybe an upscale affair in an art gallery.

Spring wedding flowers white bouquets

woodsy bohemian wedding bouquet

More spring wedding flowers to pour over in the gallery!

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River Oaks Garden Club Editorial

Both the vines and the blooms are delicate, and are probably best used in arrangements where they are in water. Their vines are perfect to wrap around containers and other flowers or leave trailing out of centerpieces. May-July is their peak season, and occasionally they are available for fall brides too.

All photos by Sarah Winward.

Honey of a Thousand Flowers is a member of Blue Label and is based out of Utah, but loves to travel!

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