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1970s Chianti Wedding Ideas

1970s Chianti Wedding Ideas

A few weeks ago we shared this real offbeat Tuscan wedding shot by Lelia Scarfiotti, and today she’s back to share more wedding ideas using inspiration from this bellissima location. She created a 1970s inspired wedding in Chianti, a famous wine region in Tuscany. Nothing like a bride and groom on a Vespa in Italy to set our hearts aflutter!

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Chianti Tuscany vintage wedding ideas
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Chianti Tuscany vintage wedding ideas
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Chianti Tuscany vintage wedding ideas
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From Lelia Scarfiotti: We wanted to recreate an old atmosphere that could speak about happy times and for this reason part of our inspiration came from our parents weddings. We all have memories of us looking at their wedding’s photo album, examining their eccentric and colorful dresses, their bulky hair, their big accessories and their happy faces.
For the table we found an ancient table cloth entirely hand made by an old women in a small village in Tuscany during the war times.
We decided to use an old silver plate for their wedding cake and old silver frames that could “talk” about the wedding’s moment to the guests…from the beginning until the “happily ever after”.

For the tables: old teapots and cups filled by flowers. The wedding cake: puffy pastry with sugar caramel on the top and Chantilly cream on the inside . This recipe is very old and has been patented some years ago by the “Pasticceria Buti” in Siena. The way they built it reminds of some Italian wedding cakes of the 50’s.
For the favors we choose little olive plants.

Since the ancient times this plant was a symbol of peace, justice and knowledge. The olive plant became also the emblem of regeneration, symbol of the earth that blooms again, like a symbol of the new family that was blooming in that day. The second reason is Tuscany..this plant is also one of the symbol of this amazing region in Italy.
We thought this could be a very beautiful gift for the guests, may this little olive plants be a symbol of the true love, a reminder of that special day for all the guests and, as the frame near them suggests: “Love grows”! We also decided to give some little handmade bags full of lavender in order to remind to our guests where the wedding took place.
The location in the Chianti area was surrounded by wild roses and miles of vineyards. For the ceremony we found a little hidden garden full of lavender and rosemary plants.

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Wedding Vendors (Tuscany, Italy):

Location: Villa Dievole / Wedding planner: Tuscan DMC / Photographer: Lelia Scarfiotti / Flower design: Fleur & Décor by Anna Galli ( / Wedding cake: Pasticceria Buti / Wedding gifts: L’Olio del Campo by Eleonora Frati ( / Vintage dresses: Aloe and Wolf Vintage and Art Gallery

Lelia Scarfiotti is a member of Blue Label. To find more vendors in your area or for Destination Wedding vendors, click here. If you’re a vendor and would like to apply, please click here.

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