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An Intimate Southern Affair

An Intimate Southern Affair

Though this is a concept shoot, I still have to remind myself that it’s not a real wedding. It looks so genuine – thanks to the down to earth design and Sheila’s close friends who made it look so much fun. Both Hayley Green and Sheila Goode, the wonderful photographers behind the lens, are from Nashville. They wanted an intimate Southern feel that they saw frequently back home. I think they nailed it! I am specially loving the table decor, sans tablecloth and ribbons decorating the back of the chairs. Old rugs instead of a traditional dance floor is not only beautiful to look at, but comfortable to kick your heels off and dance the night away. The bridesmaid dresses were mismatched patterns of red and white, picking up from the red sash that the bride wore. I could go on and on.

From Sheila:
We all wanted to show brides that they can have a wonderful wedding with very little expense. All that is needed is some creative ideas, a field, a wonderful florist that will put together your vision with an organic feel. The feeling of intimacy, joy and beauty is want we wanted to convey.

An Indie Southern Wedding in Nashville
An Indie Southern Wedding in Nashville
an intimate Southern backyard Wedding
an intimate Southern backyard Wedding

Sheila and Hayley from GoodeGreen are based in Los Angeles, Nashville and Santa Rosa Beach but will travel. Check out their blog!

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Wedding Vendors (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida):
Photography: Goode Green / Wedding Cakes: Queen Bee Cupcakes (Seaside, Florida) / Makeup: Shannon Wright (Nashville, TN) / Wedding Coordinator: Jaime Miller / Floral and Event Design: Melanie Jordan / Band: Waco Ramblers

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  • wow, love it! i was fooled also!
    it’s totally southern and feels so intimate.

    And, i am a sucker for a banjo and beards and chandeliers outside! great set up!

    i mean, i am southern! so this one hit home for me!

  • I’m sorry but that little girl stole the show for me! Her adorable white dress and messy curls!

    I moved to Atlanta when I came to college (originally from Texas) and I’ve grown to really embrace the elements of the south (fields, sweet tea, sun flare, fresh flowers, etc.). This shoot was a really sweet tribute to that 🙂

    And again with the gray suits!! I’m seeing them more and more on the grooms than I ever have! So cool that my fiance and I chose those colors for him 🙂

  • oh my gosh, i am feeling the intimacy and quiet, celabratory feel of this wedding — plus the charming vintage details of course.

  • this is delightful! i love to see people in their element, not letting a wedding “style” change who they are on their big day. totally sweet and inspiring and more personal. wait what? this isn’t a real wedding? i just read the comments above. dude. you got me.

  • Concept approved. I’d recreate in a heartbeat. Maybe for my next wedding 😉 Kidding kidding.

  • Wow! Just saw these pics for the first time. The shoot was designed by our own Melanie Jordan, at the Studio of Bella Flora, and is a wonderful example of Melanie’s incredible talent. Check out our website at for more of her work. Sheila and Hayley, Love you so much, and you are rock stars for capturing the mood of this “wedding” day. Kudos to all involved.

  • what a wonderful event! and i love the picture of the girl in the red and white striped dress with the peacock headband and camera! she looks so beautiful!

  • seriously?! this is the most amazing wedding i’ve ever seen. incredible photos, incredible style… and it looks like it was nothing but amazing lighthearted fun.. just what every wedding should be. love love love the bridesmaids dressed ah! just stunning.

  • OH the moon pies!!!

    I love this! the rug and chandelier are amazing!

  • wow this is so cool! 🙂 i’m imagining what record is playing on the little old record player… ( can’t really tell..) hmm… for some reason i’m thinking maybe ‘ the beatles, rubber soul??’ or.. ‘ janis joplin…’ great images 😉

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