Vintage South African Wedding

Vintage Weddings

Monique and Kyle’s South African wedding is full of heartwarmingly personal details. The couple married on the bride’s father’s farm, with one of the most incredibly gorgeous ceremony views we’ve ever seen! You know how much we love layers and layers of tulle in wedding gowns… and Monique’s dreamy dress left us swooning over it. Thanks to the wonderful Lizelle Lotter for sending her pictures our way!

Vintage south african Wedding

Vintage south african WeddingVintage south african Wedding

Vintage south african Wedding

Vintage south african WeddingVintage south african Wedding

From the bride, Monique: Our style was very personal to both myself and Kyle, who was VERY involved! It was based around a classic Italian/French post-harvest street festival, as it was also the end of the Wine Grape Harvest on our farm, where we got married!

Vintage south african WeddingVintage south african Wedding

Vintage south african Wedding

Vintage south african WeddingVintage south african Wedding

Guests had the dress code of: Brown and blush, flat shoes and a hat! Our general colour scheme was a theme of creams, greys, blues and browns. Adjectives to describe our day include chilled, comfortable, fun, funny, relaxed, enjoyable. We did the name tags, gift boxes, table seating, painted tables, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen “brooches” ourselves! Also the wire hearts!

Vintage south african Wedding

Vintage south african WeddingVintage south african Wedding

Vintage south african Wedding

Vintage south african WeddingVintage south african Wedding

Any advice for brides planning their weddings now? Give as much work to someone else! Make sure they know what you want, as well as another informed person to check up on them. Then LEAVE it! Difficult, but just do it, because otherwise you will be so tired and stressed out beforehand. There are always a million things you remember last minute. So as soon as you can get the main things delegated, you will not be as swamped by it closer to the time. And VERY important… make sure you are nowhere close to anyone who can bother you a whole day before your wedding. I went to a spa the whole day and it saved my life!

Vintage south african Wedding

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Wedding Music:
First dance: Jason Mraz, “I’m Yours”

Wedding Vendors (Stellenbosch, South Africa):

Ceremony and reception venue: Kanu Vineyards / Wedding photographer: Lizelle Lotter / Wedding coordinator: Gerrit Snyman / Wedding flowers: Gerrit Snyman / Wedding dress: bespoke / Bridesmaids’ dresses: chosen by bridesmaids / Groom’s suit: Zara / Wedding music: Jesse Jordan / Wedding catering: George Jardine / Wedding cake: Sweet Cakes

  1. Tania

    just love every little thing about it!

  2. Erin

    Just fabulous! It’s amazing to me the level of poverty in SA and on the flip side the amazing beauty the landscape provides. The space feels like the wedding is the only thing in sight and what a magical night shot to finish it up. Bravo!

  3. Bri Bee {BeeBeeBisous}

    This is SO great – so creative and unique. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nicky

    I absolutely love the last photo with the lanterns! The child in me kept thinking of “Tangled.” ?

  5. Jessica H.

    wow, I have to know what is going on with those lanterns!? Did you make them yourselves?

  6. Kelly Gill

    Love the guys’ jumping pic! How DO people do that? I guess I’m not a jumper…

  7. kate

    wow, so beautiful! love the huge smiles!

  8. Kerrie G Tiaras

    I love the photo of the men jumping, never seen anything like it before, it’s definitely unique. If only we could have weather like that in the UK!

    I think the advice about letting others do as much of the work as possible is excellent, so many brides get stressed out over the little details, let someone else deal with them and then you only need to get involved in your favourite bits, like picking the dress and bridal accessories

  9. Emily Heizer, Photography with Flair

    I LOOOOVE how the bride is laughing in every picture! She is jsut so genuinely happy! AMAZING! And her bridesmaids look so freaking CHEEKY! LOL There’s no other word for it, except maybe ADORABLE!!! LOL

    What’s going on in the last picture? Are they cleaning up, or setting up lights, or??? Wait, I think those are lanterns, are those lanterns???

    The hats are marvelous!

    The boys jumping is very cute! Seen it before, but not for a long while! It feels fresh! :)

  10. Jennie

    This brides smile/laughter is amazing… she looks so incredibly happy!

    The jumping shot is also epic!

  11. lydia {ever ours}

    the image of the grooms jumping- too cute! i love how happy she looks! gorgeous venue too.

  12. Pearl Parasol {Pretty Events}

    The pic of the guys jumping is adorable! and the bride’s smile~ irresistible! Love happy, in love, couples!!

  13. kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer}

    Such happiness in all of these images!

  14. Betty Bake

    looks so very beautiful :)
    well done!

  15. Chauffeur ONE

    Spectacular pictures. I love the fact that it was held in South Africa. Amazing location. Keep up the superb work!

  16. amanda heer/brooch bouquets

    Ok this is screaming at me!!! LOve

  17. Candis Press

    Love the details of this wedding. They are so unexpected and fun! The hats, and the jumping picture especially dazzle me.

  18. Nas

    These pics are great! I’m particularly fond of the fellows in the air. Fabulous location to shoot

  19. Justine Claire

    Well – that is just amazing – Fabulous and what a lovelly bride – her personality oozes out of the photographs – LOVE IT!

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