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Floral Ombre for Fall

We’ve been patiently waiting for Fall to share this post by Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers. If you’re in love with the ombre trend – that dreamy gradient of soft colors – as much as we are, you will love these floral arrangements that Sarah designed. In a season where nature changes colors almost overnight, ombre comes as an organic inspiration. Thank you Erin Kate Photography for the images.

ombre fall wedding colors

From Sarah Winward: The transition to fall is my favorite. On one tree or in one bunch of flowers, there can be a wide range of colors. I think mimicking the changes in nature for a wedding is gorgeous, and using an ombre theme for a fall wedding seems like a perfect way to do that.

ombre gradient wedding ideas for Fall by honey of a thousand flowers
fall wedding groom boutonnieres

These arrangements span a huge color palette. You could select a couple of colors from this range and focus on the transition between those two or three-or go crazy and do all of them. The play on warm and cool colors here is what makes this color palette interesting to me. If you want to narrow it down a bit, the spectrum of colors between peach and orange is an excellent choice for a fall ombre wedding. There is a certain sweet and sour element to this palette that is really appealing to me.

ombre fall wedding centerpieces

If you have one element that is ombre in your wedding, I think it is nice to let it make the statement and keep the other things consistent. I used different containers for the arrangements here, but they are all a similar type. The bouquets are different colors, but the ribbon is all the same. Or – keep the flowers the same and do ombre ribbon!

Flowers used in these arrangements:

Red arrangement: Viburnum berry, scabiosa, wild grasses, ranunculus
Peach arrangement: rose, berries and leaves
White arrangement: snowberry eucalyptus, spray rose, elephant ear plant

Inspiration board photo credits, clockwise: wheat field via Fivvvve; Italy landscape via Pinterest; wood gradient via Pinterest, candlelight in mason jars via A Well Traveled Woman via Pinterest; red-haired bride by Love Me Do Photography from this wedding.

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