Late Summer Blooms: Scabiosa Pod

We’re not quite ready to say goodbye summer just yet! Today Sarah Winward Honey of a Thousand Flowers is talking about late summer wedding flowers. Isn’t the bouquet below a stunner? Thank you Heather Nan for the gorgeous images!

late summer wedding flowers bouquet

From Sarah: It is against code of conduct to ask a florist her favorite flower, none of us can commit to one. But scabiosa resides somewhere in my top five, and that has never changed. I think they look like they were plucked straight from a watercolor painting, especially the lavender color. Scabiosa come in four different colors, all available at slightly staggered times and all are as gorgeous as the last. They are delicate and feminine. Scabiosa make wispy accents that give arrangements character, a perfect finishing touch. They are wonderful in little vases by themselves, in large arrangements, and bouquets. I like using them in all stages of their bloom, when they are just green buds all the way through as a mature flowers. You may have also seen the scabiosa pod. They are those little brown rustic balls that have been increasingly popular lately. The light purple and the white are similar in shape, both with large centers and broad petals. The dark purple and raspberry look like they have pincushion tops and they have smaller, fluted petals.

late summer wedding flowers bouquet
late summer wedding flowers bouquet

As a general rule, all of the colors are available in the summer to early fall. The white and is usually available first (June), Then the lavender and purple come, the raspberry is available for a short month or so, usually in August.

late summer early fall wedding flowers

All photos by Heather Nan

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