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DIY Polaroid Cake Topper

Erin made a Polaroid cake topper for her wedding. You may have seen something similar before, but what we loved about Erin’s project is how the Polaroid stays on top of the cake seamlessly. No wires sticking out, so neat! Follow her instructions for the little trick.

 polaroid cake topper

 polaroid cake topper

 polaroid cake topper

 polaroid cake topper

What you’ll need:

- Matte photo paper
- Self adhesive foam core
- Box cutter
- T-square
- Tooth picks or deconstructed cake toppers.
- Poladroid application
- Glue gun
- Photo of the 2 of you

Step 1: Download Poladroid and turn your photo into a Polaroid.

Step 2: Print out your photo twice on matte photo paper.

Step 3: Mount the two images on foam core. Using the t-square and box cutter cut out the Polaroids. Cut out the center of one of them.

Step 4: Glue your plastic cake topper picks onto the Polaroid with the image in the center. Glue the Polaroid with no image on top.

Step 5: If you want, add your name and date to the Polaroid.

Step 6: Stick it into your cake!

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