DIY Silhouette Table Numbers

These table numbers made by Chelsea were intended for weddings, but I’d like to think they would look adorable on anyone’s office desk. Or maybe a one-year anniversary gift (the paper year)? Hm, yes. To refresh your memory, first place will receive $500, second place a $300 gift certificate to Modcloth and third place a Silhouette Machine (which could easily cut the number silhouettes for ya!).


What you’ll need:
– 4 x 6 picture frame from Goodwill ($2-4)
– used book from Goodwill ($2)
– home printer with paper and black ink
– scissors
– double-sided tape


Step 1: Choose your book. I chose a used encyclopedia found at Goodwill for the background of my framed table number. (I was happy to find the LIO-MUN volume, which has both “Love” and “Marriage” in it!)

Step 2: Print out table numbers. I printed out table numbers on my home printer in “Engravers MT” font (400 pt.), the letter N (72 pt.), the letter O (36 pt.), and the tilde symbol (36 pt.).

Step 3: Cut out the black letters and number, and mount them onto a page from the book with double sided tape.

Step 4: The mounted cut-outs then go into a black, pre-matted 4×6 frame, found at a local discount store. Quick, easy, and chic!

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  • These are fabulous! What would make them even easier is to print the table numbers out on transparencies. That would cut down on the work considerably, as the transparency could just be layered over the background with the same effect.

  • The curled edges of the cutout number give it a really cool 3d effect though. Either way, awesome idea!

  • Such a great idea/project! It’s much more personal than printing off a random piece of paper with a number on it. You never cease to amaze me!

  • Those are crisp and classy, and slip right in to a 40’s look. Fun!

  • I like this idea a lot. I would totally use this at my wedding. To add on, you use a variety of different background textures, such as sheet music, wrapping paper from bridal shower gifts or whatever suits the bride and groom. Awesome idea.

  • Chelsea, I love this idea, and with the addition of Kristina’s suggestion, I am convinced that I need to find a way to incorporate this in my home!

  • Where has this blog been all my life? Seriously I am completely in love. This tutorial is perfect for wall art in my room. Thanks so much!

  • I think about about to use this idea to decorate in my dorm room 🙂

  • I love this idea and I am def. making these for my May wedding and I want to work on them this weekend. However I have a question. Is that frame really 4X6 or is the Matte 4X6? I printed out the number and I feel like it JUST fits in my 4X6 frame without a matte. Is the frame really 5X7?
    Please help!


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