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DIY Tin Can Vases

I hope you're loving our DIY festival as much as I am! Tomorrow is our last day posting all the DIY projects for our fun little DIY Contest. I truly wasn't expecting we were going to end up publishing over 20 entries, so thank you everyone who entered. It will be tough for you, that will have to cho ...

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DIY Vintage Lace Headband

We're approaching the end of our DIY project entries and I'm already feeling a bit sentimental. It's been a lot of fun sharing do-it-yourself ideas from such creative people! Today we'll be posting a few more submissions and brace yourself, because what we're posting today is pure goodness. We're go ...

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DIY Faux MilkGlass Centerpieces

We got one more project for today, just in time for our afternoon crowd! Our next DIY project was sent by Annie, who some of you may know from Marry You Me. She gave old vases a new life by dressing them up as milk glass! From Annie: For me, DIY is at it's best when it saves you money and time and a ...

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DIY Shoe Clips

Nicole embellished her gold flats for her wedding and sent over the how-tos for our DIY Contest. It's a small detail, but it transforms any blah shoes into fabulousness. I'd love to see these on heels as well. So, so cute! What you'll need: - 1/2 yard of white or ivory lace (can do variations with a ...

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DIY Votive Vellum Wrapper

We've got a busy day ahead of us, and lucky me to be swimming in a pool of amazing entries! Another project by Kayla, this time giving pages from an old book a new life as these adorable votive candle wrappers. Old pages lined up against a votive candle holder works like vellum paper when the candle ...

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DIY Treat Bags

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Today we'll be sharing more entries from our DIY Contest, so posting will be at full speed. We received so many entries that we may not be able to post them all, but we selected about 20 projects that will for sure be posted between today and tomorrow. We'll be back ...

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DIY Pom Pom Bouquet

This project was sent by Alexandra (who also has an adorable Etsy shop). This non-floral alternative is a great idea for a rehearsal bouquet! Remember tomorrow is the last day to submit your DIY project. First place winner will receive $500 and second place winner a $100 gift certificate from Wendy ...

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