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Welcome to Ruffled!

Welcome to Ruffled!

Welcome to Ruffled Blog

It’s been a long journey since I started working on the site, I can’t believe it’s finally here! Vintage Glam Weddings is now Ruffled! Thanks to my wonderful husband who has been working with me on the site and and to Carolynn from Two Brunettes, who designed the site. Carolynn was a pleasure to work with and quickly grasped the spirit of the new site and blew me over with what she came up with. She recently launched her Wedding Stationery Shop and will be launching her Letterpress Line very soon. Carolynn, thanks so much for your hard work and for being so patient with me!

I listened to what you had to say from my last survey on Vintage Glam Weddings and have made many improvements. New features such as photo galleries separated by weddings and engagement sessions, a super easy to browse navigation bar, larger images, free and exclusive weekly downloads, an improved free classified section (soon to be launched) and more wedding features than ever!

Ruffled will start where Vintage Glam Weddings left off with an added bonus of eco friendly finds and all things beautiful, all things wedding. It will be dedicated to the detail obsessed, chic and eco conscious brides who are looking to celebrate and cherish their weddings with their families by making it a celebration of love, full of laughter rather than an opulent social event.

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Ruffled shows you how a fun, hand-crafted wedding can be one of the best days of a bride’s life yet be done in a multitude of ways. Thoughtful brides meet the wonderful world of detail obsession!

Check back in a few to see this gorgeous bridal session that you’ll fall in love with!

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  • Are there still going to be vintage inspired weddings? That was my favorite part of the site and what set yours part from others.

  • Yeah I know it’s late, but I noticed the new blog look and have to say two things. One: Booyah! I’m the first one to comment EVER on this. And Two: LOVE it all! It’s very clean and modern and I congratulate you on your new look!

  • I am so very glad to hear and see that you are including eco-friendly information in this site! Weddings require so many resources, and it warms my heart to know that couples are starting to factor that consciousness into their wedding plans! 🙂 Looking forward to all the new stuff! Congrats!

  • Hi Amanda,

    Huge congratulations on the new site! I’ve been following your progress since before your wedding and you managed to provide lots of inspiration for our own wedding last year. Even though I’m no longer planning a wedding I still love to see the beautiful images and gorgeous details of the weddings that you showcase so I’m looking forward to lots more here on Ruffled (cute name too!).

    Best of luck with it.


  • Love it! Ruffles are my favorite 🙂 And I can’t wait for some eco-friendly wedding things! Well done!

  • Looks fantastic! There’s a small typo in paragraph 1, sentence 2 – “Vintage Glam Weddings is now Ruffed!” – Sorry to share that, but it’s kind of an important one.

    I’m really impressed, and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!!!

  • The site looks great – I love the colours and the design. Congrats with it all. I will be adding it to my weekly round up next week as one to watch. Good Luck with the relaunch

  • Absolutely {GORGEOUS} … Love the design, the posts, everything!! Great job, Amanda … Hopefully we can work together soon!

    Heather and Kimberly

  • I absolutely LOVE the new design! Looking forward for more to come!

  • Looks amazing!
    I’ll definitely be visiting your site much more often in the next two weeks…. my wedding is almost here, lol!
    Over my long engagement, I have found many blogs, but vintage glam was by far my favorite, but I’m definitely looking forward to reading this, since this seems more like the style I’m actually having for my wedding! <3

  • Nice! I look forward to seeing this progress. Thanks for letting me know it’s up.

    Cheers- Faro

  • Dear Amanda,

    I am so very happy for you – and for all of us! Your new web home is adorable, just like yourself! I am a great admirer of your work and cannot wait to follow your vintage awesomeness here at Ruffled!



  • Congratulations Amanda on your journey and brand new look! Hooray to you and Caroline!

  • If this is half as charming and wonderful as Vintage Glam, the world is in for a treat! Let’s just put it this way. My wedding was over 4 years ago and I still check this site regularly for the charm of it. One does not have to be a bride to enjoy the variety and unique presentations of this site.

    Job well done! Looking forward to many enchanting features on your new site.

  • Congratulations on your beautiful new blog, and a wonderful blog launch. All the best wishes for your continued success, VintageGlam was an invaluable inspiration resource for me while planning our wedding. Thank you for being awesome!

  • Congratulations on your new, beautiful site!
    I hope you enjoy creating it, as much as I love visiting it!
    All the best in your new beginning,
    Ashley H.

  • Loved Vintage Glam.. and I’m so happy this is new and improved 🙂 Congrats.

  • Oh thanks guys, good to hear the archive stuff will still be there!!!

  • Hi Amanda,

    This is the best website I’ve come across. I’m getting married next June and I’ve found so many more great ideas that are just our style. Great Job!!!! Thanks So much.

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