Wedding Websites by WeddingWoo

Time to put those engagement photos to work for you! WeddingWoo offers wedding websites that are distinct and unique and building a website through them is simple + user-friendly. Watch your love story unfold through your own photos and personal design.

The above design is an example of just how personal your website can get. You can choose one of your own photos to use as a full page background, as well as personalize the layout format, fonts, and colors. The possibilities are really endless because you are not restricted to a limited set of themes. With WeddingWoo, you have full reign to create a website that depicts you as a couple, laced with personality and charm.

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Thanks to WeddingWoo, you can relax and enjoy the process of creating your wedding website. Throw out those website for dummies books because no web designer or coding skills are required to create your dream site. You can preview each and every design change, to make visualizing your work that much easier. They also provide an easy-to-use dashboard for publishing all your photos, stories, registries, wedding party members, and wedding day information.

With WeddingWoo, it’s real simple. Pull together your favorite photos, design a personalized wedding website using those photos, and then pay a flat fee for either 1 or 2 years. There are NO monthly fees, NO surprises, and absolutely NO gimmicks. We know you’ll totally love creating a wedding website with WeddingWoo. Check them out now and get started today!

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