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Is Wedding Insurance Worth It? All Benefits, Explained.

Is Wedding Insurance Worth It? All Benefits, Explained.

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Ready to level up on your #adulting game? Today we’re gonna answer one of the most common questions couples have during wedding planning: “Is wedding insurance worth it?”. Here’s the 411, friend. We know you’d rather be sneaking peeks of bridal designers on Instagram, but this wedding planning hack could actually save you thousands upon thousands of dollars. So not only is it worth it by a long haul, it only takes 3 minutes with a pretty savvy resource called eWed Insurance. Let me explain…

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Lizzo was right when she said that truth hurts. Why plans great till they gotta be great? It’s a major bummer that there’s even a remote possibility that things could go wrong surround the wedding celebration, but sometimes, Lady Luck is not on your side and you find yourself facing a Category 5 hurricane hitting your city on wedding weekend or your photographer emailing you because the USB with your images was accidentally written over without a backup. These are nightmare scenarios, absolutely! But wouldn’t you rather be in a money-back situation when something like this goes down as opposed to a “what now?” position?

And if you need further convincing, read our guide about why you desperately need to a wedding insurance policy. Then meet us back here.

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If you’re like me, you want to make sure your worst case scenario isn’t so scary after all. So let me introduce you to eWed Insurance – the least expensive and most comprehensive insurance available. These cool kids on the block let us in on a little secret… wedding insurance doesn’t need to break the bank! So even if your wedding venue requires liability coverage (and most wedding venues do these days), and even if you’re worried about adding a line item for this on your wedding budget, you’re only looking at a spend close to 1% of your wedding budget.

I’ll say it again for the people in the back. Wedding insurance with EWed Insurance is only about 1% of your overall wedding budget! So if your wedding is $30k, you’re probably looking at about a $300 spend for wedding insurance. Which is like a burrito bowl from Chipotle every day for two weeks. Mind. Blowing.

So what’s the lowdown on coverage? There are two types of wedding insurance:

Cancellation Insurance
Covers lost deposits due to situations beyond your control that require you to cancel or postpone your wedding:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Severe weather
  • Military deployment
  • A fire or flood at your wedding venue

Plus, cancellation insurance covers you for money you might lose because a vendor is a no-show or goes out of business. Oftentimes, vendors will charge a premium for a last minute booking, and since you’ve gotta find a replacement for the original, you aren’t left with many alternatives.

Liability Insurance
Covers payment to the venue in the event you or one of your guests cause damage to the property, but also covers medical expenses if you are responsible for causing an injury

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Now that we’ve got the essentials down, let’s talk RARE benefits – specifically for finding your coverage through eWed Insurance:

  • No deductibles for lost deposits
  • Designed to meet your venue’s insurance requirements
  • Free Certificates of Insurance for your venue
  • Host Liquor Liability (read more about this here!) included at no additional cost
  • Rehearsal dinner, wedding, and farewell brunch locations are all covered for one low price

I mean, who would have guessed you should consider coverage even beyond the wedding day itself? Ingenious.

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You can bet your bottom dollar we’re on the insurance side of the fence – especially with all these perks! In an age where anything can (and does) happen, the secure feeling this kind of comprehensive protection offers is just a no-brainer. Especially when it’s the most affordable option in the biz!

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Take it from us and don’t make one of the biggest mistakes couples make during wedding planning by not including this as a line item in your budget. And don’t worry. Even if your wedding is THIS weekend, you still have time to set up this safety net for your wedding events… because the vendors you’ve already put down a deposit for will be covered as long as long as there are no known issues when the policy is purchased! You can literally book a policy as close-in as 1 day before your wedding. Let that sink in. So make like Meghan Trainor and say #noexcuses with us!

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Ready to get this ball rolling and cross something big off your wedding planning checklist today? Head over to eWed Insurance and get a quote in less time than you can belt “If you like piña coladas…”!

This post was sponsored by eWed Insurance. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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