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Right now on Recycle Your Wedding…

Right now on Recycle Your Wedding…

This week’s picks from Recycle Your Wedding are so perfectly vintage-y down to the little bow on the emerald green shoes. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, fret not. You can list your Wanted items to let others know what you’re interested in purchasing. Brides, planners, florists, or anyone with a room full of decor that they no longer need list their items. You can edit and delete your listings at any time once you’ve sold your unwanted items. Easy peasy.

green wedding shoes vintage wedding decor

5 manzanita branches, $25 for 5; Dolly Couture tea length wedding dress, $250; mercury glass taper and pillar candle holders, (available after August 28) $200 for lot of 30; Hobbs green wedding shoes, $100AUD

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