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Best of 2016: Fashion

Best of 2016: Fashion

How is it possible that 2016 is already near the end?! It’s unbelievable to us that it’s been a year already since our Best of 2015: Fashion roundup, but here we are with a year’s worth of beautiful designs to share. We’ve seen some true stunners this year, but here is our list of the most popular wedding dresses, bridesmaid outfits, and beauty to grace our pages and Instagram this year.

unique lace wedding gown - photo by Connie Whitlock
Photo by Connie Whitlock from this shoot.

bridesmaids in burgundy - photo by Plum and Oak
Photo by Plum & Oak from this wedding.

lace wedding dress - photo by Justin Tearney
Photo by Justin Tearney from this wedding.

lace wedding dress with train - photo by Archetype Studio
Photo by Archetype Studio from this wedding.

lace wedding dress and boho bridal hair - photo by Kayla Snell
Photo by Kayla Snell from this shoot.

lace wedding dress with pink bridesmaid dresses - photo by Valorie Darling Photography
Photo by Valorie Darling Photography from this wedding.

Vera Wang tulle wedding gown - Lindsay Hackney Photography
Photo by Lindsay Hackney Photography from this shoot.

dramatic wedding gown - photo by Lara Hotz
Photo by Lara Hotz from this wedding.

blue wedding dress - photo by Muravnik Photography
Photo by Muravnik Photography from this shoot.

watercolor wedding gown - photo by Nicolls Wedding Photography
Photo by Nicoll’s Wedding Photography from this shoot.

long waves and low back wedding gown - photo by Amber Gress
Photo by Amber Gress from this wedding.

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