Vintage Flowers: Cascading Bouquets

Who said cascading bouquets are outdated?




(source via DC Nearlyweds)


This style is reminiscent of shower bouquets, a popular bouquet style in 1910’s. Shower bouquets received this name due to strands of ribbon and foliage incorporated to the bouquet called “lover’s knots”. This elaborate type of bouquet lost its popularity when WWII came along. Fast forward to 1980’s, this bouquet gain popularity again with the wedding of Princess Diana in 1981. This contemporary version of the shower bouquet is called cascade bouquet, because of its more natural and flowing look.

Flowers and greens commonly used for this style: orchids, tulips, roses, ranunculus, amaryllis, sweet peas; and foliage such as plumosa fern, leather leaf fern, lambs ear (my favorite foliage), scented geranium, amaranth (shown in photo 1) and astilbe (also shown in photo 1).

Wedding dresses that go with this bouquet are romantic, with big skirts and long trains. Remember to hold it below your waist to compliment your figure.

That last bouquet image is my dream bouquet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have a bouquet similar to that one because most flowers and leaves used in that bouquet are out of season during the winter in Michigan. Why did I have to fall in love with succulents if I chose to have a winter wedding?


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