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Vintage Car Rentals and Other Wedding Transportation

Vintage Car Rentals and Other Wedding Transportation

Many readers ask for suggestions on where to find classic car rentals, so I decided to put together a list of companies that offer vintage cars and other types of vintage transportation. They make beautiful props for wedding photos and a delightful getaway moment!

Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
VW photo by Stephanie Williams for Next Exit Photography
Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
Vintage car photo by Julia Newman
Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
57 Chevy photo by Sarah Rhoads
Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
A woody getaway photo by Millie Holloman
Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
Vintage Porsche photo my Emilie Sommer

Vintage Fire Truck Rentals for Weddings

Vintage Fire Trucks can be rented as well. Often times when these old fire trucks retire they become available for city events such as parades, and in some areas they can yours for a few hours and a fee. (photo by Sakura Photography)

Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
This old truck can fit the entire bridal party then some. Dump truck photo by Our Labor of Love.

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Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
Left, scooter photo by Rebekah Westover. Right, Model T photo by Matt Addington.
Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
Mustang photo by Todd Pellowe.
Vintage Classic Car Rentals for Weddings
Carriage photo by Kabloom Studios.

I started to put a list together of vintage car rental companies around the US, and here’s what I have so far – click HERE to go to classic car rental directory. I will add more locations and companies as we go, and if you know of a reputable company in your area please share!

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  • Anything in WI?? My fiance and I would love to rent a classic car for our wedding send off preferably a Rolls Royce! I love the way this looks.

  • I would highly recommend contacting your local car club instead of a rental company. We used a vintage car for our engagement photoshoot and it turned out great! When we contacted our local branch of Antique Automobile Car Club of America (AACA), the man got back to us quickly and helped us find just the right car from their club. I think you will find that they will charge less than a rental company. Check our our vintage engagement shoot here:

  • this is such a great idea. i’m particularly fond of the 57 and the dump truck. very cool.

  • I’m looking for vintage classic car for wedding in Goldsboro,nc area…haven’t had any luck…thanks. Joan

  • Hi Looking for a classic or luxury car that can be chauffeur driven for a June 26 wedding in Reno, NV Have had NO LUCK! Have plenty of limos, want this for the bride and groom. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • I wasa wondering where is a place we could rent a classic car near Paducah, KY. The wedding is in Cobden, IL so a place somewhere near that would be okay too.

  • We own a 1971 IH Firetruck that seats 12 safely and comfortably. Even comes with friendly tail wagging Dalmatians.

    If you should ever have a request for this, see the website or contact me directly and we’ll work something out.

    Randy N. Warner 928-767-4895

  • My mother n law is finally getting married thru the church and wants a vintage car….where are u located please email me were located in nw Indiana

  • I tried to click on your link for the list by state, and it wouldn’t work. Could you send it to me another way? I am getting married in Taneytown, MD and am trying to find an antique truck for pictures bc my fiance ADORES them

  • I would love to find out more information on the list of locations… Can you please provide?.. Thanks SO much!! =)

  • Looking for a 40’s or 50’s limo for my wedding near detroit, MI, do you have any suggestions, I’m having a hard time finding a limo for hire…

  • I am looking for a vintage Ford for a wedding this Summer in Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma County Wine Country). Does anyone have any leads for me??? Cheers!

  • I would like to find a vintage pickup to be used at a wedding in St Leonard, MD. Any ideas?

  • I am looking for a 1952 white chevy pick-up truck to ride away in with my husband on our wedding day. Our wedding is going to be in Westminster MD.

  • Hello! Any info on vintage cars in North Coast, MA. South Coast NH? Thank you!

  • Hi there, I see that your link isn’t working to find a vintage car rental companies around the US. Can you please share with me? Thank you!

  • Hey! Do you know of any places to rent a vintage car in Los Angeles? My bf and I want to rent one for the day. :)) You’d be a huge help to us if you knew of any places here…

  • Excellent photos on Vintage Car. Please I need the name of vintage car rental in Miami,Florida.Thank you!

  • Daughter is having a “vintage” wedding come June 2014. She wants it in the 1920s – 1940s era. I’m looking for a Model-T to use as a get way car; and pictures. Can you help me?

  • I am getting married in York Maine. I am having a country wedding and would like an antique pickup truck or car to drive away in. I would prefer a pickup truck, about 1960s to 1980s. Thanks.

  • Looking for a vintage pickup truck in Valdosta, GA area to drive Bride and 1 Brides Maid to country wedding. Please help with any leads. The date is fast approaching on April 26, 2014. Have been unable to locate. Thank you.

  • My son is looking for a classic VW bus to rent for his upcoming wedding. He lives in Western PA near Pittsburgh. Please forward any info you may have about renting .

    Thank you

  • Your blog is awe-inspiring. I have found many new things. Your way of staging is also fascinating. You have elected very incredible topic. I appreciated it.

  • I love the vintage porsche convertible in the pics above. Any vendor suggestions for Akron, Ohio area?

  • I love this idea!! I am in love with the VW and the Mustang–that’s my and my fiance’s dream car! Though, the link here does not work…is there still a list of classic car rental companies?

  • I love the VW but can’t seem to get the link to work. Is there a rental company near Madison, WI or Milwaukee, WI?

  • In need of VW bus in western PA. Help a bride to be out!!! We are having a total rustic , hippie chic wedding and having this vehicle to rent is truly all I want! Please email me!

  • I am looking for a 1964 Ford F100 to rent in Maryland for an event. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

  • I am looking for 3 vintage trucks or convertibles for my wedding on September 17th, 2016 in Allegan Michigan. Only need for a half hour.

  • I can not find the list and the link doesn’t work am I missing something? :)Thank you!

  • I’m looking for a VW bus/van for my son’s Nov. 5th wedding. Any renters in the SC/NC area?

  • Hi there! Looking for a vintage car or van for my wedding near Pittsburgh, PA in October of this year. Are there any vendors in my area? Thanks!

  • I am needing a VW Bus rental / driver service in Portland, OR area, for an upcoming event

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