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Valentine’s Day Flower Guide

Valentine’s Day Flower Guide

Kiana of Tulipina, a boutique floral design studio in San Francisco, is sharing how to make floral arrangements just in time for Valentine’s Day. Using a variety of pink blooms and textures, Kiana incorporated unique vases and vintage containers she already owned for an eclectic mismatched table look. We love the flower arrangement with dates, such a perfectly suggestive choice for Valentine’s Day. Thank you Angie Cao for the gorgeous images!

What you will need:
4 mix and match eclectic vases and vintage containers
One bunch pink peonies
One bunch pink ranunculus
One bunch pink hellebore
One bunch of dates
One bunch pink hurricane lilies
One bunch vintage colored roses
2-3 stems dark pink amaryllis
2 bunches of drumstick allium
One bunch dusty miller
One set of floral shears

From Kiana of Tulipina: Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for floral design and a great opportunity to make as many beautiful things as possible.

In this project I thought it would be fun to take some of my favorite vases and fill them with complementary flowers and use them as a clustered centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day table setting – maybe brunch or dinner. If you invite friends, you can send them home with one of these designs.

I love owls, and here they become the theme. I found the cutest owl plates on sale at Sur La Table after the holidays, and bought some matching owl vases from Anthropologie knowing that they would be the perfect vessel for some amazing little arrangements!

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  • beautiful! and i hate to be that person, but i think the hellebore and the amaryllis names need to be swapped on the 3rd photo.

  • They look like nerine lilies to me. Is there a difference between those and hurricane lilies?

  • Love it!
    It seems almost like a fairy. It is very early for peonies though. Quality right now is not what it can be here in Holland. What can you recommend as a substitute?
    I was thinking about big Italian ranunculus. Maybe you guys and girls have other alternatives?
    ..and yes they are Nerines! But you call them hurricane lilllies and that is fine too!!!
    Love from Amsterdam,
    Arnold from

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