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7 Wedding Flowers Trending This Summer

7 Wedding Flowers Trending This Summer

Carnation Fineart Centerpieces 01

Summer weddings bring all the flowers to the yard, making all other seasons jealous with their luscious peonies, bountiful dahlias, zinnias and other summer flower darlings. What’s old is new again, with elevated and wild designs and less known florals are paving the way for unique + fresh floral arrangements in the form of flower installations, suspended centerpieces and luxe bouquets that look like paintings!

1. Carnations

fine art carnation centerpiece
Photo Heather Nan, Floral Design Soil and Stem

carnations for weddings
Photo Garrett Richardson, Floral Design Siren Floral Co.

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2. Anthurium

Feel at home with these waxy, heart-shaped leaves you can truly achieve. There are variety of colors to love and while they look terrific with such tropical scenes, they even light up when used unexpectedly. . Take these floral arrangements inspired by the haute couture runway, for instance.

anthurium wedding flowersPhoto Sara Joan Studio, Floral Design Designs by Ahn

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Anthurium Fine art Centerpieces
Photo The Ganeys, Floral Design Gather Design Company

3. Phalaenopsis Orchids

This diverting bloom brought by orchids come in different colors and are fantastically fragrant as ever. Their long, romantic stems is perfect for minimalist wedding styles. They even shine more brightly when bundled together or used as accent flowers with other varieties.

orchid bridal hat
Photo Fifteen Photography, Floral Design Botanics of Melbourne

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Hydrangea Roses Trendingflowers 01
Photo Boutierre Girls

One thing to love more about orchids for summer weddings? They are one of the most wilt-resistant flowers out there!

4. Lunaria

It’s popularly known as “silver dollar” or “money plant”. Lunaria is a trend you want to keep. Their silver-disc like seed pods gives a one of kind dimension to any paired design, and they perfectly work with neutrals. You can’t help yourself but stare at their glaring beauty.

lunaria wedding bouquet with dried leaves
Photo VID Studio, Floral Design Michelle Lywood Loves Blooms

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Lunaria white pearl leaves
Photo Kathryn Frugé Photography, Floral Design Roots Floral Design

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lunaria bridal hairpiece
Photo by Sally Pinera with floral design by Flower Wild

5. Amaranthus

This summer beauty is also called flower tassel, because uhm, it looks like a feathery tassel! We love Amaranthus in wedding flowers and have seen them beautifully incorporated in bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony arrangements.

amaranthus wedding flowers
Photo Virginia Ashley Photography, Floral Design George’s Flowers

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Amaranthus Weddingceremony Decor01
Photo Konstantin Semenikhin, Floral Design Batikyan

6. Roses

Roses Freshideas Wedding 02

Photo Luna de Mare Floral Design Emblem Flowers

Roses Freshideas Wedding 01
Photo and Floral Design Lavenders Flowers

7. Smoke Bush

Have you stumbled on those sultry, mysterious cloud-like shrubs on Instagram? That’s no other than the smoke bush. You heard it right, smoke bush. This unusual and colorful foliage gives a feathery effect to the clusters of blooms it has. Also, it adds depth to a room that can’t be easily achieved with smaller plants, shrubs or blooms. We’ll be seeing a lot of these in the fall weddings to come this year!smoke bush chandelier tablescape inspiration
Photo by Our Food Stories with floral design by Mary Lennox
smoke bush wedding centerpiece
Photo by MK Sadler Photography with floral design by Studio Mondine
smoke bush wedding centerpiece
Photo by MK Sadler Photography with floral design by Studio Mondine

We couldn’t help but burst in delight over these immensely beautiful blooms. It’s true that there’s no no better way to add rich, earthy colors, unique textures and good-old depth than with these 7 trending flowers for summer weddings. We’ll be keeping our eyes open for more breathtaking details and will surely never forget to share it with you. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for more wedding inspiration like this!

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