I am over the moon to be invited to a part of Brides Mag’s new series called Blog Star. They asked me to give 10 tips on how to incorporate vintage details into any wedding style. Their February is brimming with ideas and burst of color.

  • Congratulations on the magazine feature!

  • Amanda you look beautiful! Great pic and great ideas! xo Lanie

  • Congrats on being in the mag! I love the tips—so helpful!

  • So exciting, Amanda! Congratulations!

  • I was happy to see Ruffled in this issue – I even pointed it out to my fiance (he didn’t seem as excited, lol) – Congrats!

  • Christa Rose

    Congratulations Amanda! Great tips for everyone!

  • “Think outside the mason jar” … haha! Love it. Though I’m guilty of the mason jar for my wedding ;)

  • CONGRATS!! That’s so amazing! What a great honor! <3

  • Congrats Amanda! And how wonderful that such a big print magazines is acknowledging knowledge and expertise of wedding bloggers like you. I love it that they called you a blogstar; you certainly are!

  • Amber W.

    Congrats on the article :-) Great advice too!

  • Teresa

    Great advice!!!! i am going to keep it all in mind as I plan my wedding :)

  • Kelsey

    Congrats on the article! I loved it!! I love your idea of using family history at the reception! My favorite is pictures of family wedding pictures displayed near the dessert buffet at the reception.

  • How exciting! Such great ideas.

  • Congrats, Amanda. This looks awesome!