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Why OUE Skyspace is the Ultimate Rooftop Wedding Venue in LA

Choosing a wedding venue can feel a lot like trying to come up with the best recipe of all time. The stakes are high, the investment is real and you know this decision will lay the foundation for everything else to-do with your wedding from the style to the decor to the destination your guests will spend their weekend in as well. As far as cities go, Los Angeles is a pretty strong contender for destination weddings and local nuptials alike. And for good reason! From world-class wedding vendors to crazy good weather all year-round to incredible weekend eats + experiences, this section of the globe is always a winner. Well if you’re like me, you know a top notch destination is just the start. A unique venue with an epic view is still a must. So believe me when I say that I think I’ve just found the pot of gold, you guys. The name is OUE Skyspace LA, and it ticks all the boxes. So settle down, focus up and let me tell you why this rooftop wedding venue in Los Angeles should probably be on your radar.

helipad wedding for modern couple

rooftop wedding venue LA

The first thing you’ve gotta know is that people from all over the world make a pilgrimage to this Los Angeles attraction. Maybe for its 360 degree views of iconic Hollywood landmarks, perhaps for its swanky garden bar… but we’d bet money it’s because of the glass slide 70 floors up that’s basically a thrill-seeker’s dream. More on this in a bit! The bottom line is that for parties, events and just general revelry, OUE Skyspace LA is cuh-ve-ted.

rooftop wedding venue LA
Photos by Cheers Babe from this modern summer wedding inspiration

rooftop wedding venue in LA couple portraits during golden hour
Photo by Kwon Photo

As California’s tallest observation terrace, the expectations are high. Pun intended. But I’m here to confidently say that at 1000 feet up, OUE Skyspace has *literally* broken the glass ceiling.

Considering we’re in the land of Bachelor Nation, I think it’s fair to say this unique SoCal wedding venue is worthy of the final rose. And here’s why:

  • One word: Skyslide. This 45 foot glass enclosed slide is for the fearless adventurers (or if you’re like me, the wannabe daredevils), and essentially a crazy cool way to level up on yard games.
  • OUE Skyspace has TWO open-air terraces serving up ridonkulously good views of LA, including hot spots like the Dodger Stadium, Santa Monica Pier, Capitol Records and the Hollywood sign
  • In-house cocktails and catering for a seamless F&B partnership – it’s always a plus when they carry fresh, seasonal ingredients + beers from local breweries too
  • Tonssss of A/V swag that would make even Tom Haverford go wild #parksandrecforlife
  • Valet parking option for your guests in a city where, let’s face it, competing for a parking spot can feel like the Hunger Games


LA rooftop wedding for modern couple
Photo by Cheers Babe from this modern summer wedding inspiration

rooftop wedding venue LA
Photo by OUE Skyspace

Aside from the idyllic sunset views and all the amenities I just shared, OUE Skyspace is awesome sauce from a design perspective too. Because it’s a modern blank canvas, there’s room to create this holistic escape that reflects you entirely. You’re not competing with crazy carpet patterns or purple + red wallpaper – which is one of the hardest things to combat with wedding venues since you either have to increase your decor budget with elements like draping to create your own fresh canvas or risk having a look that’s in cohesive that doesn’t necessarily tell your story from start to finish. The event space at OUE Skyspace lends itself to creativity. And we’ll prioritize that every time!

helipad wedding for modern couple
Photo by Cheers Babe from this modern summer wedding inspiration

rooftop wedding venue in LA bridal party portraits during golden hour
Photo by Kwon Photo

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Heck, if you ever want to experience this ambiance in a nightlife capacity, they have a regular event schedule with live DJ’s which quite frankly, looks lit as all get out. But friends, the best news is yet to come!

rooftop wedding venue LA
Photo by Cheers Babe from this modern summer wedding inspiration

Oue Skyspace LA Skyslide at night
Photo by Tara Milk Tea

Now, here’s the real cherry on top. OUE Skyspace is rolling out a pretty phenomenal deal if you book a proposal or wedding for the month of January: $5000 OFF your rental! I’m virtually pinching you because this is no dream, guys. Click over to their page to set up a tour, hash out the deets and snag this limited time offer now.

Then check out our Insta Story Highlights as well for a deeper look at this unique rooftop wedding venue in Los Angeles for a recent styled shoot we did! So. Freaking. Good.

This post was sponsored by OUE Skyspace. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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