18 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking

Choosing your wedding venue can be one of the most exciting to-do’s in the planning process, and we’re guessing your a pretty savvy bride. You know there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind before booking because let’s face it, dreamy aesthetic doesn’t always equal smooth flow. A perfect venue for your cousin Mary might not be the perfect venue for you due to a number of different factors. It’s important to know your dealbreakers (and stick to them!) as you analyze each venue’s strengths and limitations. So we’ve rounded up 18 solid questions to ask when you do your first site tour!

Spring Wedding in the English Countryside with Floral Overload #weddingflowers #floralinstallations #destinationweddings

Photo by Ben Yew from this English countryside wedding

Photo by Lara Hotz from this whimsical bohemian wedding

Let’s dive in!

1. What is the availability surrounding our preferred dates?

2. What are the rates for different days of the week, and how does that differ by season?

industrial tablescape floral canopy installation
Photo by Amber Gress from this industrial dinner party

3. As we plan our day-of timeline for ourselves and our vendors, how many hours are included in the rental?

4. How many events do you typically host in one day/weekend?

5. How do you structure the payment schedule?

moody modern tablescape in an urban wedding venue with exposed brick and deep colors
Photo by Allen Tsai from this moody urban wedding inspiration

6. Are there any fees we should be aware of that are not included in the main venue fee (service charges, cleaning, corkage, etc)?

7. What is the cancellation policy?

8. Do we have to use your approved vendors or can we bring in our own?

This Couple Turned Their Wedding Into a Fairground #funweddingideas #ceremonybackrops #whimsicalbride
Photo by Lemonade Pictures from this vintage carnival wedding

9. Are there any restrictions (logistical, noise, handicap, etc)?

10. What is your policy on sparklers, candles, hanging lights from the walls or ceilings, etc?

11. How many bathrooms do you have?

wedding ceremony - photo by Purple Tree Photography https://ruffledblog.com/romantic-elegance-at-spadina-museum
Photo by Purple Tree Photography from this elegant museum wedding inspiration

12. Is there a designated smoking area?

13. Is parking available on-site, and if so, what does that look like? How many spaces, will guests be charged, etc?

14. Do you have locations for rain backup?

al fresco wedding tables string lights
Photo by Gregory Ross from this eclectic LA wedding

15. At what level will your staff be involved in set up and strike?

16. What equipment does your venue provide for entertainment + dining?

17. Do you have a food and beverage minimum? What happens if we don’t meet it?

Tulum Beach Boho Wedding of our Dreams #tulumwedding #beachweddings #Mexicodestinationdwedding
Photo by Melissa Marshall from this bohemian Tulum wedding

18. Can we bring outside liquor in or do we have to purchase through you?

marina wedding
Photo by O’Malley Photographers at Roche Harbor Resort

Of course, there are plenty more detailed questions you can ask for peace of mind (the world wide web is your best friend here)! We may be biased, but hiring a planner is one of the best decisions you can make to alleviate the burden of knowing what to ask + how to translate the answers to real life. And not just real life, the big life event! So buckle up for the research journey and don’t forget to keep celebratory champagne in healthy supply – after all, wedding planning is always the perfect excuse!

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