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Los Cabos Wedding With Organic & Terracotta Accents

Los Cabos Wedding With Organic & Terracotta Accents

intimate al fresco reception in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is filled with gorgeous beach views, but did you know it’s also home to lush gardens and orchards? Sofia and Martin’s destination wedding in Los Cabos is filled with organic and terracotta details to compliment the natural earthy aspects of Puerto Raíz. Marianna Idirin designed an otherworldly intimate setting with hanging handwoven lamps, and colorful cushions to make the cozy setting feel like a piece of home. With a beautiful blend of modern and elegance, LA76 Photography was there to capture all the creative details we’ll be fawning over for years.

intimate al fresco reception in Los Cabos
flowy bridal cape portrait

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding? From the bride: Wedding planner and designer, Marianna Idirin, and her wonderful team were our key partners in finding inspiration, choosing a venue and a color palette for our wedding. We always wanted an intimate wedding set in nature to balance the legal and somewhat sober part of the ritual; so the very special tree at Puerto Raíz served as the perfect site. We were always very fond of the wild, special flowers frequently used by Marianna, so we also intended to be surrounded by beautiful pieces of nature all the while. We wanted something elegant and special but at the same time low key, family only. Sharing all these details with the team and letting them work their magic was basically the process!

al fresco ceremony under a massive tree adorned with florals

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Being under the tree at Puerto Raiz while the ceremony was taking place, the beautiful pre-sunset sunlight filled the area and it was a very emotional moment when we both said “I do”. By coincidence, church bells sounded in the background at just the right moment. We think that was a wink from our ancestors above!

bride and groom hold hands during the ceremony
hanging hand-woven lamps over the reception table

Were there any specific elements that were important to include?
Nature, a relaxed element, beautiful flowers and good food!

bride and groom photo in Los Cabos
hanging hand-woven lamps over the reception table

From the designer Marianna IdirinFor the design we wanted to include as much nature as possible, warm colors, terracotta and natural materials. The intention was to create a very intimate ambience full of little details like candle lights and hanging lanterns from the tree which gave a very cosy look and feel. We wanted to maintain the space as natural as possible, that the reception table would fit into nature without breaking the magic of the space. For example, we set the table on a bed of dry leaves from the tree above, there was no need to place special flooring. Our bride, Sofia, gave us the liberty to propose something different and unique, and she trusted our ideas and design completely.

hanging hand-woven lamps over the reception table

For the wedding ceremony we created a very organic look, the floral design looked like if they were coming from the tree itself; we did not want to impose on the space and change it. The idea was that the nature be the protagonist look of the wedding, therefore we used our creativity to enhance the place, and we all, including the couple
and their guests, fell in love with the look. The photographers LA76 Photography captured the essence of the space, setup, and the ambiance perfectly.

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modern couple's portrait
delicious appetizers passed around during the cocktail hour
intimate reception in Los Cabos
groom sweetly kisses his brides cheek

How dreamy is this terracotta filled Los Cabos wedding? This wedding inspiration is perfect for a bridal shower, dinner party, or any party because the details are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. So if you’re throwing a bridal shower soon, we’ve got you covered with a few creative ways to help keep you in budget while also creating a killer vibe.

Wedding Vendors:
Planning + Design: Marianna Idirin 
Photography: LA76 Photography
Rentals: Warehouse Rentals
Flowers: Pina Cate
Venue + Catering: Puerto Raíz
Hotel: Solaz Resort Los Cabos

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