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Pronovias Presents Its New 2017 Collection

Pronovias Presents Its New 2017 Collection

Now that you’re forever in love, prepare to be forever entranced. Pronovias is back with two new bridal collections, Atelier Pronovias and Pronovias 2017, featuring everything from emerald green gemstones to Valentina gauze to Chantilly lace. Shot in picturesque gardens of the French Riviera, these luxe gowns have truly set the stage for the bridal trends of 2017, and we are delighted to share them with you today!

Delicate and daring, we’d be remiss to not share with you an inside look at these statement pieces. Step into Pronovias’ world of exquisite beauty, as you watch the gowns in motion:





The concept is simple: Contemporary elegance meets comfort and beauty. This contradiction is made possible through mermaid sillouhettes, side slits, detachable overskirts and other simple lines that create a harmonious balance. Though they can be described as minimalist, these gowns are hardly lacking. Crisp lace is a theme throughout, creating timeless looks that even Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton would fawn over. Light fabrics of crepe, taffeta, chiffon and gauze work together to give the gowns cohesive dimension and life – totally twirl-worthy!





It’s impossible to decide what we love most about this collection. Going beyond the layered fabrics, Pronovias has incorporated subtle elements of sophistication to each and every gown- feathers, silk thread, sequin appliqués and delicate beading, just to name a few. These embellishments are the perfect emphasis for the not-to-be-forgotten back. Though the gowns could rest on these hand-crafted details alone, they don’t stop there! Pronovias has artfully blended fabrics in soft pink, vanilla and green to create shades of white that exceed our wildest dreams.




Can you say haute couture? Don’t miss the chance to adorn yourself with one of these captivating looks that can be viewed in their website. For more information on details + locations near you, be sure to visit Pronovias’ site today!

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