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Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Fashion in a Loire Valley Chateau

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Fashion in a Loire Valley Chateau

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau

Few things color our hearts happier than a) Marie Antoinette inspired bridal fashion and b) a Loire Valley chateau with manicured gardens and captivating interiors… and this romantically femme gallery from Molly Carr Photography has all of this and more. Sweeping gowns with frilly textures and a kaleidoscope of pastel hues bring this enchanting story to life. Each design detail was conceptualized with a dreamy narrative in mind – a modern French bride seeking to blend the luxury details of weddings today with the Old World romance of the French countryside… all while following a color palette inspired by Sofia Coppola designed pastries of course! Rachael Ellen Events shows us just how the couture bride’s fashion story might unfold from the Welcome Dinner to the Rehearsal Dinner to the Wedding Day (and beyond) in the truly inspired destination that is Château du Grand-Luce. Bon voyage on this visual journey in the dreamiest Loire Valley chateau!

From the planner, designer and florist, Rachael Ellen Events: This shoot was inspired by the luxury French bride who hosts an entire week or weekend long experience for her wedding rather than just one day. These serve as inspiration for what the bride might wear for her welcome dinner, farewell brunch, rehearsal dinner etc. With the modern French bride in mind, we created a design perfect for the bride who loves the luxury of Paris, but wants to stay true to the romantic, old-world feel of the Loire Valley. We used shades of French Blue, Caramel, Rose, and blush to create a look that evoked the pastries of Marie Antoinette, the beautiful colors of the valley and the romantic nature of France.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau
Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau
Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau

For the wedding look, our bride wore a gorgeous Monique Lhullier gown – perfect for the setting. While grand and elegant, it also made a refined feminine statement with the low back and bow shoulder details. her hair was styled in a classic french chignon and she wore natural, dewy makeup. Our groom wore a classic tux – the perfect counterpart to her absolutely bridal look.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau

Every Little Letter created the gorgeous paper suite for this design. Mixing French blue, rose, pink, and caramel, the suite felt luxurious yet playful – perfect for the bride who would love the playful decor of the château. We loved the way she mixed and matched textures, wax seals, tassels, and floral prints to create this custom chateau design.

Our table was adorned with the same romantic tones as seen throughout the house and in Rococo paintings. caramel, rose, and mauve taper candles gave the table setting height while overgrown florals added the perfect sense of romance. The blush linen was topped with a romantic chiffon runner and paired with velvet rose napkins to balance the caramel velvet chairs. We chose rose petal chargers to pair with the chateau china and vintage French glassware. Overall, we created a wedding fit for a modern Marie Antoinette complete with Loire Valley charm and French refinement.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau

A little more about the Chateau:
The smell of warm croissants, the touch of antique velvet curtains, the crisp Loire Valley Autumn air… traveling in France is nothing short of an overwhelmingly beautiful sensory experience. Among the stunning châteaux of the region, the gorgeous Château Grand-lucé is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the beautiful ambiance that is France. The property allows you to take a step back into a time where days are spent wandering the rose gardens, enjoying tea in the grand salon, and admiring the many statues given as housewarming gifts by Louis XV.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau

Over the years, the chateau has served many purposes. From housing philosophical leaders such as Voltaire, Diderot, and Rosseau to serving as a hospital during WWII, it now serves to fulfil its original intent – to inspire the most discerning traveler. The energy of the brilliant minds, incredible artists, and selective travellers who have walked the space is felt in every unforgettable room of this luxury hotel.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau

Inspire it does with its 80 acre property, never ending gardens, stunning decor, and paintings by Jean Baptiste Pillement – his work is now seen in only one other location – Marie Antoinette Petit Trainon.

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long tables with natural wood chairs at each place setting

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau

Such a beautiful space deserves to be paired with – and only with – couture fashion. The pastel neoclassical decor served as our main inspiration for this editorial. Picture a bride arriving to the château for her wedding weekend. She will need a gown for many occasions – her welcome dinner, rehearsal event, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, and of course, for wandering the gardens. Before her guests arrive, she enjoys stepping back in time – trying on her in gowns fit for a queen – and exploring a château all to herself. Each room begs for a different look with their distinctive touches of feminine luxury. It is a childhood fantasy – dressing up in couture gowns, running barefoot through an entirely pink dining room, jumping on beds draped in fine brocade fabric… only this isn’t a fantasy. This is all real life and ready for any traveller or bride who wishes to be inspired. There is no space to mimic this level of authentic French neoclassicism while upholding such a fine level of luxury. This space and these gowns are fit for the modern queen and Francophile.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Bridal Gowns Loire Valley Chateau

What can we say about this Loire valley chateau wedding inspiration with a parade of Marie Antoinette inspired bridal fashion? Except, oc course, tres bien! Merci beaucoup to the talented creative team below who knows just how to pull at our heartstrings and tell a story we won’t soon forget. If you’re interested in seeing another chateau wedding a little further south of Paris, this destination wedding in Gordes is sure to enthrall the senses!

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Molly Carr Photography
Planning, Design, Styling, & Florals: Rachael Ellen Events
Venue: Château du Grand-Luce
Paper Goods: Every Little Letter
Jewelry: J. Brooks Jewelers
Wedding Gown: Monique Lhullier
Colored Pre-Wedding Gowns: Millia London
Hair & Makeup: Jen Lagers
Tuxedo: The Black Tux
Linens: BBJ Linen
Cake: Synies

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